For Biden, Israel cannot keep pressing its judicial reform “I hope they stay away from that,” said the Netanyahu ally.

he The President of the United States, Joe Bidenbe warned this tuesday to the government of Israel that he “cannot continue” to push for his controversial, now frozen judicial reform, which has sparked months of social protests and Criticism among the Western Allies.

“Like many staunch supporters of Israel, I’m deeply concerned … they can’t continue down this path, and I’ve made it clear,” Biden told reporters during a visit to North Carolina.

“I hope the prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) will act in a way that tries to find a real compromise, but that’s not clear yet,” Biden said, adding that he did not plan to invite the Israeli leader to the White House, at least “not in the short term.”

Back in Washington, And Biden renewed his concern about the situation in Israel, Opponents accused Netanyahu of undermining democracy in his attempt to consolidate his power.

Asked if Israel’s democracy is at a tipping point, a phrase Biden often uses to describe the danger facing democracies around the world, he said: “I don’t know if it’s at a tipping point, but I think it’s a tough place to be and they have to figure it out.” He urged them to stop imposing controversial judicial reform. “I hope they stay away from that,” he declared.

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