For a minute, Francisco was Bergoglio again: “No, Brazil has no salvation …”

“No … you (Brazil) have no salvation … a lot of cachaca and a little prayer.”The Pope said with a laugh Francisco For the priest Joao Paulo Soto VictorFrom Campina Grande And the joke spreadBy showing the Pope much closer to the football paradoxes that Cardinal Bergoglio did in Buenos Aires, than to the official ceremony. Formalities Vatican.

It was when the crowd came out on Wednesday, when Reverend Soto Victor, from the state of Paraíba, was part of the select group that had been waiting for Francisco. When he finally stood before the Pope, he asked Pray for the Brazilian people And Francisco’s response could go on with the usual phrases, but getting closer to Soto Victor, he jokes about him. In Portuguese, Francisco replied “No, you have no salvation”, He shakes his head, and immediately confines himself to Portuguese and part Italian muita cachaça and no prayer:

First of all amazed, the short video immediately shows how the Brazilian priest celebrates the joke, with the laughter of the Pope, who immediately pleads for a soulful salute by touching his head. When Francisco’s joke became viral, it even served memes, but it remained a tale, and even added some criticism in Brazil, to the point that even the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pais, when consulted about it, was forcibly seen. To answer that Francisco’s words must be taken in the context of a joke, in a moment of détente.

“The Pope loves the Brazilian people,” Pais repeated, recalling his historic visit in 2013, without one of the most formidable and transcendent postcards left by the eight years of the papacy of Francis in his relationship with South America.

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It should be noted, with regard to “salvation” and issues relating to Brazil, that Francisco also referred to this issue two years ago, on the occasion of a letter addressed to former President Lula da Silva: “Good will conquer evil. Condemnation, “the Pope wrote at the time, a message that Lula carried on his networks.


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