Follow the silence of bandports on cyclists in the 2021 UAE Tour

today’s subject. We started the third month of the year 2021, and there is no indication that the so-called “good government”! From his movie “Air Bubble,” which does not include the Olympic and school games, everything indicates that he will keep it. 0 ‘left of what it is. Section Olymp. And Escolar, Eduardo Cerda, “the nickname,” Rasputin El Mongi Loco, will continue to do more of the same. He hasn’t provided updated information on our road cyclists, who are taking part in the UAE “Tour”, 2021. But yes, on his website, it highlights and offers information such as setting up a “Sports Academy with Purpose”. Pandeportes and the Ministry of Government, responsible for the “happiness” of Janina Tiwany Mincona. Everything includes millionaire numbers.

On the other hand, speaking now of Irving Saladino, who holds the position of “DT” for Sports and Recreation, he must provide an economic and technical report, of what has been spent in his stage as the graph reflects the 15 people called “Team Methodological Technician” who traveled in the first stage to Provinces of Cheriki, Ferragas, Los Santos, Herrera and Coquelé, to find out what is in place, and to improve sport in all provinces. In the second phase in February, Saladino confirmed that he will travel to Panama East and West, Colon Darien and Coumarcas. There is no report on this. The task of Pandeportes’ general manager, Rasputín Cerda, is to request a report from his DT Sport. Saladino receives a monthly salary of $ 3,700 + $ 300.00 in performance expenses, + $ 500.00 a month for life as an Olympic champ. It is not known if still receiving or being suspended, entered the life of a sports ambassador, without specific jobs, of $ 2,500.00 a month.

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Loose notes. One of the “crossword puzzles” that shakes the country, published in “Dean” The Star of Panama, on February 24, 2021, by Ismail Gordon Gerrell, titled: “The Attorney General of Panama Resigns, Eduardo Ulloa.” Content: “The Prosecutor has resigned.” Eduardo Ulloa, unexpectedly removes his post. (This servant had seen Attorney General Uloa, a number that would not last long in the position.) The irrevocable resignation becomes effective on March 1, 2021, according to the letter delivered to the President of the Republic, Lorentino Cortizo. “We must work with a regime to provide solutions to critical situations such as the well-being of our children, which entails institutional responsibility, albeit not personal, for the recent events that shocked the Panamanian nation, in a serious and responsible manner in the search for regime change in a way that responds to the call for justice in our society,” he said. First.

Olwa’s resignation comes amid complaints submitted to the Public Prosecution Office about ill-treatment of minors in shelters, which were confirmed by a subcommittee in the National Assembly. SE, LCC, did “the same thing as always”: called “Bulpén,” and “Ipso Facto,” they sent him a replacement, JAVIER CARABALLO, who is the Deputy Prosecutor. I see there is an impression that the new code of conduct for SE, LCC, is again violated. No. 1). No lying. No. 2), don’t cheat. No. 3) Don’t steal. This opens the way for the issuance of Memorandum No. 2), which is by the distinguished doctor Geraldine Emiliani, member of the Panama First World Foundation, and columnist for La Decana, which in her summary issued on 25 February 2021 entitled: “Mental Health Certificate”. Let’s see part of the content: “Both professions are absolutely necessary to relieve the pain of those who have lost everything due to this epidemic as we struggle ourselves with a sterile discussion to get a piece of paper. Massive folly.” The irrational debate between psychologists and psychiatrists is known to everyone over who should be responsible for issuing a mental health certificate for the person or patient who requests it. A mental health certificate is understood as that document of knowing the mental state of a person or patient with respect to orientation, memory, language, thought, will, and judgment. To assure the preservation of their mental faculties, the psychologist presents and so on based on the provisions of Article 3 of Law No. 55: “The administration, teaching, construction and interpretation of tests shall be the exclusive responsibility of the appropriate psychologist. Personality, neuropsychology, psychometrics and any other tool of psychological evaluation , Manually or computerized.

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With regard to the certification, the competent clinical psychologist must conduct the clinical interview consisting of the person’s clinical and family history; So is his personal life. The application of psychological tests is very mandatory, which gives validity to the results. Therefore, the Mental Health Certificate in the field of Clinical Psychology is the result of a comprehensive evaluation, being the only one that has the relevance to apply, correct and interpret it. After completing general psychology studies at a recognized university and obtaining a compulsory clinical psychology degree, a master’s degree with the option of a doctorate in clinical psychology. Where he is also trained as a specialist in psychotherapy in his various specialties. Notice this. I will continue tomorrow with the final part.

Another loose note, but it is an Olympic sport. Commentary on the IOC website, chaired by Dr. Thomas Bach, with headlines: “The IOC Executive Board receives an update from the Refugee Olympic Team in Tokyo 2020, and Solidarity Support continues to introduce refugee athletes.” Content: Olympic Solidarity currently supports 55 athletes training in hopes to compete in Tokyo 2020 this summer. They come from 13 countries, and are hosted by 21 National Olympic Committees (NOCs). Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, (Latin) Canada, (America), Croatia, Egypt, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, (America), Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, (Britain), representing 12 sports : 1), athletics, 2), aqua, 3), badminton, 4), boxing, 5), boating, 6), cycling, 7), judo, 8), karate, 9), taekwondo, 10 ), Sports Archery, 11), Weight Lifting, 12) Fighting.

The 55 ATHLETES Refugee Scholarship can be pursued in the Administration of Olympic Refugee Teams, in the Social Media Department of the Olympic Refugee Team under “hastags”, Tokío Refugee Teams 2020: Stronger Together, Olympic Asylum Hope. The composition of the Olympic Refugee Team in Tokyo 2020 will be based on a series of criteria, including above all, the sporting performance of each athlete and his refugee status, as confirmed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Personal background and balanced representation in terms of sport, gender and regions will also be considered.

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The composition of the Refugee Olympic Team will be decided by the International Olympic Committee (EB) at their June 2021 meeting.

Team members will be invited to compete in Tokyo Joe Note this.

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