Flights from Canada and the US help restore foreign tourism – Il Sol de Acapulco

The head of the Acapulco Tourism Promotion Fund (Fidetur), Manuel Negret Arias, confirmed that flights from Canada and the United States, which is scheduled When they arrive at the port of Acapulco during the winter, they help in the recovery of foreign tourism,

In an interview, it was estimated that more than 3,000 Canadian and American tourists spend their holidays in Acapulco, with some arriving at hotels, Others already have properties Or they are renting apartments for the entire time they are going to stay in the port.

“Fortunately, if foreign tourism arrives, cruise ships come back even though they are not staying but we want to do that strategy So they can stay for another day and make them want to continue visiting Acapulco.”

He explained that only on Air Transat’s Montreal-Acapulco flight there is a record number of more than 1,626 Canadian passengers. Arrived at the port of Acapulco On 11 flights operated so far, the occupancy rate was 79.7 percent.

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He pointed out that due to the epidemic and the fourth wave of infections with Covid -19 that were recorded at the beginning of the year, Sunwing has stopped its flights from Canada to Acapulco.

The head of Fidetur commented that another 90 percent of the tourists in Acapulco are Americans and that they arrived on flights from Houston and Dallas.

Winter season and flights from Canada to Acapulco Expires on March 30th The Houston-Acapulco flight is permanent, followed by the Dallas flight as well.

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On the other hand, said that Negrit Arias They are in talks With municipal and state government to support as much as possible in the field of promotion.

He pointed out that good things should be keep working on it And “those who did not give results must be adjusted, and we must do another way of working.”

He pointed out that FIdetur works With a budget of 2% of housing tax and the higher the occupancy of the rooms, the more resources will be available.

“Today we want more people to come, stay more days He pointed out that this tax will certainly rise.

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