Flight Simulator confirms its size on Xbox Series X | S: Ready to take off

The PC version initially “weighed” approximately 150 GB but over the months it has been reduced and improved in size.

It may have occurred to all of us that when we board a plane they tell us that there is no room for our luggage and that we have to hand it over to the cargo hold. Although it is not the same, we will inform you in the margin for a few days that you will need a good space in it Xbox X | s So you can finally land, and without problems, port Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Twitter user Tweet embed The game’s profile page has been echoed on Xbox consoles and it’s going to be quite a bit. what a total 97.2 GB free Take off and descend in the skies of the point we want with the new version of the popular flight simulation saga.

Over the months it can be improved and occupied less, like on PCThis required volume, as you can see, comes from the standard version of the game. Which means that as more content is added, the number will increase. Also It probably won’t run the same in the X series as in the S series due to optimization work, although it serves as a guideline number. It is especially important on the new generation of Xbox, which has less storage and MFS will occupy almost the entire SSD drive.

It’s also something that can improve over the course of weeks. Initially, Flight Simulator took up about 150 GB on PC, but recently it has reduced its size to just over 80 GB. The game is coming to Xbox Series soon: Next July 29.

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