Five new WhatsApp features you have been waiting for

WhatsApp has been in the news for several months due to its various updates, some of which have sparked controversy among users like New Privacy Terms and Conditions; a Cell phones where the instant messaging app will stop working very soon.

In this context, several other functions that were hitherto almost unknown appeared: Self-destructing messagesAnd the Restarting Instagram Reels on Dethrone TikTokAnd the Tricks to find out who’s callingAnd the How do people reserve each other, s When “they write” without having to open the chat.

The most used messaging app around the world, especially in times of the pandemic, this time announced a set of changes, both necessary and expected, that will improve the experience of its users and strengthen its precedence over the competition.

The first of five new tools that WhatsApp will introduce is the ability to open the session on up to five devices at the same time. The second, and it is the most requested, is that the audios can be heard faster.

Yes, those people who think they have other people’s time, and take long voice notes with reflections that could have been summarized in a few lines, will not have power over their victims anymore.

You can open a session on up to five devices simultaneously

Temporary messages and photos are also a great convenience when it comes to convenience. There are things that are said and done only once. WhatsApp has launched messages to be automatically deleted after seven days, which is too much for the tool that users wanted to offer.

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So far it will only last one day, while the photos will be deleted automatically as stipulated by the issuer. The option will be available through a new icon that will appear when the image is shared.

The sender will see a blurred thumbnail of it next to the message “Touch to see what.” Then, when the user clicks on the message, they will see the received item, but only once and within 24 hours of receiving it.

The latest updates that the platform is planning to integrate are related to multimedia files. Those who wish to upload to the cloud will have encryption and password protection functions, in both Android and iOS users

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