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Amidst the notorious disapprovals from his community, on May 6 Charles III He will be crowned king of England. As it has for more than 900 years, the Westminster Abbey It will once again be the venue for this important event for the British royal family.

Ten rows behind the royal family: This will be Prince Harry’s venue at his father’s coronation, King Charles III, while reconciliation remains a long way off

the Westminster Abbey It is the oldest temple in London and the most important in the United Kingdom. Important events in history were celebrated here, such as Princess Diana’s funeral on September 6, 1997, or at 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in 2006.

What other strange facts does Westminster Abbey hold?

1. A place for coronations and weddings

For more than 950 years, this has been the site of coronations and royal weddings. In total there was 16 royal wedding. The last one was Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton.

Over the course of a thousand years there have been 39 coronations. He was the first to be crowned in this place William the Conqueror in 1066. Here it is also crowned Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953; Millions of people around the world witnessed this moment as the ceremony was televised.

Coronations take place in front of the high altar, where coronations take place in front of the altar King Edward the Confessor.

2. It houses the tombs of important personalities

This religious building guards the tombs of British kings and historical figures of the past thousand years. he Edward the Confessor was the first monarch to be buried in the abbey.

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It is the eternal resting place for queens and kings Elizabeth I And important figures in history such as the mathematician Isaac Newton, material or physical Stephen Hawking and naturalist Charles Darkwing.

It contains an area called “Poets’ Corner”, which houses the tombs and mausoleums of literary legends such as Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer, Samuel Johnson, and Rudyard Kipling. Like a book William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Emily Bronte They have a commemorative plaque.

3. The Coronation Chair, the most famous piece of furniture

Coronation chair is one of the most famous pieces of furniture in the world. This famous chair has been enveloped cookie stoneAlso known as the Stone of Destiny. This chair was made by order of Eduardo I, and it was he who brought the stone to London as an object of veneration.

4. Its facade bears a Latin statue

Part of its façade bears the statue of some saints from all continents of the world, including a statue of El Salvadoran Messiah Oscar Arnulfo Romeroknown as the patron saint of America.

5. Display the wax figures

It contains a wax gallery of various figures of royalty, which were originally created to “represent” the deceased at their funerals. the Gallery Queen’s Diamond Jubilee He collects life-size wax figures of figures such as Queen Elizabeth I and Carlos III.

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