Five exercises for a complete routine

One of the best things you have Crossfit It is that it is a drink from many disciplines and it can be developed using various training tools such as bars, tablets, boxes, water bowls, weights or even rings.

It is said, in this article We explain how you can have a CrossFit WOD with just two dumbbells.

The dumbbell lunge over the head

This is the knee dominant exercise as opposed to the hip dominant below.

The premise is simple because we simply have to hold the arm with a dumbbell over our head and lunge forward. The arm holding the dumbbell is the opposite of the running leg.

Dumbbell Swings

Swing mechanisms It is no different regardless of whether we use dumbbells or dumbbells.

Movement begins with a bell on the ground. First of all, we hold it between our legs while bending our hips. At this point, we should feel how the tension is increasing in our own area Hamstrings And Buttocks. Behind thisWe stretch our hips hard, pushing it up to the height of our chest Then repeat the whole movement.

Dumbbell snatches

Snatch is grabbed The Olympic movement is perhaps the most complex.

Doing this with dumbbells can make things more complicated while increasing the challenge at the central fixation level.

Deadlift with dumbbells

Dead weight It’s a core dominant exercise for the hip, so this last joint is the protagonist of the movement. In other words, when performing the movement, bending the hip is more important than bending the knee.

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If we add the dumbbell variant to this equation, hip flexion is much more pronounced since Touching the floor with dumbbells is an additional way compared to using a bar and discs.

Man-made or forged by men

This exercise has an eloquent name It will test your patience and your cardiovascular system Whereas, the completion of the full iteration consists of the following:

  1. Corel arm
  2. Row dumbbell right or left
  3. Corel arm
  4. Row dumbbell right or left
  5. Clean to load dumbbells to your collarbone
  6. Motivation

Practice it a few times so that you don’t get stuck at any stage of the movement.

What routine can I do with these exercises?

With so many movements, one of the most fun and enjoyable things we can do is AmrabAny number of rounds possible, for example the following:

  • 5 makers
  • 25 dead weights
  • 15 burrs
  • 35 swings
  • 25 steps

Total time to do the largest number of rides is 20 minutes. good luck!

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