Five days before Easter, the destinations with the highest occupancy and the provinces most chosen by tourists

Approximately 2.5 million Argentines It will be packed across the country the next day Long weekend And from the Ministry of Tourism expect a Holy Week register.

As mentioned by led portfolio Matthias Lammens , The Most popular destinations For this weekend enough, in Salta city Calingaste In San Juan and the capital of the Pampas, Santa Rosa. follow him old float in Tucuman, and Villa Yakanto, in Cordoba.

Other highlights in the ranking are Bariloche, The Iguazu Falls, Pinamar wThe city of Mendoza. On the other hand, at the provincial level, Salta, Entre Rios and San Juan Topping the list of provinces with the most reserves.

“We have one great expectations, The numbers that come to us from the main destinations in the country tell us that we will experience a Easter record In line with the main weekends of the summer season, with occupations above 90%”, Minister Lammens stressed.

“These numbers are greatly supported by PreViaje, which allowed the season to be extended through March and April, with more than 750,000 people using this plan to travel across the country in this period,” he said of the country’s initiative, which he said will mobilize during the end of this week around 2.5 billion dollars.

In this regard, he concluded:Without a doubt, one of the most important summer seasons culminates of the last twenty years in Argentina.”

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