Five countries with great employment and housing options for Colombians

The recent presidential election made Gustavo Pietro the winner, a name that hitherto arouses suspicion among national and international public opinion. With the new government’s goal to carry out tax reform, devaluation of the peso and other economic problems already plaguing Colombia, many citizens are considering living outside the country.

In these moments of economic uncertainty, there are five countries with finite populations where foreigners can live and have great options, For both work and housing, this can provide a better quality of life.

Mishima in Japan

This city has a population of nearly 108,000 and is located next to the legendary Mount Fuji and It offers singles under $55 and $630 for the first three years to move into. To travel to Japan, you need to apply for a visa.

gormaz in spain

With only 21 residents, this small Spanish town provides housing for those who want to go there and take charge of the city’s businesses and institutions. To make such a request, you must send an email to the email address [email protected], where all the information will be given to those interested in settling in this place.

Pipestone in Canada

Canada is one of the countries that has become a destination for Colombians looking for a great quality of life and the residents of Pipestone, with just over 1,400 residents, offer plenty for just eight dollars for those who want to develop a business in this location. Near the border with the United States. In addition, it offers scholarships of up to $25,000, not to study, but to start a business or build a home. The city is located in the province of Manitoba, which can independently select foreigners eligible for immigration, as well as foreigners in Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

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Molise in Italy

Among the options, it is the city with the largest population: about 305,000. There, foreigners wishing to prove their presence are offered an amount of 27 thousand dollars, yes, on the condition of setting up a company. Located north of Rome, it is a forgotten group whose economy is expected to be revitalized with this plan. It was Councilman Antonio Tedeschi who devised this plan for the population.

Ottenstein in Germany

In this German city of only 5,000 inhabitants, the local government offers a lot to foreigners who want to build their own homes to move around and settle in with their families. The house must be built in a period of three years.

The five options are tempting for Colombians who want to settle abroad. Yes, they must first inform each embassy to find out what requirements they have to immigrate to. In some age groups it is necessary to have a family and children, among others, to present and be able to have a new life choice.

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