First Vote of the Day for Carlos Herrera: “Everything at Once Everywhere” and the Oscar Winners – Herrera at COPE

Carlos Herrera, Director and Presenter of “Herrera en COPE”, started this Friday’s program by analyzing the highlights of the day, which include, among others, the ceremony The Oscars That Left “Everything at Once Everywhere” As the great winner of the night.

“We will continue with the high temperatures that we enjoyed this weekend, which are very high for this time of year. In Madrid or Cantabria, temperatures will be over 20 degrees, but in Valencia or Murcia they will be above 30, ”begins the presenter. Carlos Herrera also tells his experience “in Valencia” this weekend: “What a reminiscent of fireworks in the Mediterranean; experts who know how to analyze the difference between a passing game and a rule, the tempo, the amount of gunpowder used…”.

Carlos Herrera with Juan Fierro analyzes what happened tonight at the Oscars: ‘There’s a movie, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but hey, I considered it the one that says it all. The movie is called ‘Todo a vez everywhere’. What will this movie be! Spielberg’s movie deserves more luck. “And the movie here is from the metaverse, is it a concept or do you have to take special courses?,” the presenter asks US correspondent for COPE.

To give you an idea, some critics here in the States said that This psychologically impactful film was also an anti-Oscar film. He answers: Perhaps we will enter another field of cinema, and perhaps the Hollywood Academy is desperate to fill theaters again. On the failure of The Fabelmans, Juan Fierro thinks it is “a great movie” but that “the future lies in films like ‘Everything at Once Everywhere'”.

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