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Guillermina Bodano, Anna Carolina Cardenas Rojas, Cynthia Celeste Carmona, Ignacio Eitoria, Julieta Rovera and Juan Spigen are the first doctors to graduate from the National University of Villa Mara (UNVM).

Between last Thursday and yesterday, the new professionals conducted the three cases that constitute Compulsory Final Practice (PFO).

The final examination committee consisted of teachers Pedro Trico, Hector Ferreras and Caetano Galletti.

Regarding the topics of the final exhibitions, Budano showcased the Cholesterol Syndrome. Crdenas Rojas did the same thing in right paresis and Dysarthria. Carmona on Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. Iturria on back bone pain, functional deficit in the lower right limb; Rovira on pregnancy-induced hypertension and Sbeghen on acute appendicitis.

With regard to these early graduates of medicine, the President of the United Nations University of Medicine, Louis Negrete, commented: It is a great joy, it is the culmination of a process that began about 10 years ago with the formulation, presentation and approval of the project in the Ministry and in Kono, the beginning of implementation and six years of hard work (see more Concepts in the Box).

The Dean of the Institute of Human Sciences, Daniela Dubois said: We are proud as a public university to be able to count on the first graduates in the medical profession, who chose our institution at that time and today, after the entire academic journey and culminated with the final compulsory practices, and they are in a position to Introducing themselves into society as doctors to transform the reality of Villa Mara and the region and cities from which they came.

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It is an example of celebration, not only from the personal point of view of each of the students graduating today, but it is also seen as a collective achievement; He added that their families and emotions are teachers and non-teachers as part of the process and the entire community that supports the public university.

Carmona, one of the newest professionals, at court (Photo, Courtesy of UNVM Press)

The director of the medical profession, Gloria Fadure, considered it a fact of relevance to the Institute for Human Sciences and the United Nations Verification and Inspection Commission.

Six years ago we faced the challenge, with Dean Negreti at the time, to start a medical career in Villa Mara, which is accessible to students from the city and inland, and whose location gives us access to major cities. Today, qualified doctors have graduated with advanced scientific knowledge and have penetrated medical humanism, with training, to respond to comprehensive health requirements and public health problems, across the country. We thank the teachers, non-teachers, students and the administration team who cooperated in achieving these achievements.

The new medical specialist, Budano, has expressed many years of effort and sacrifice, personally, from my family and friends.

He said I am very grateful to UNVM, the university in my city that allowed me to study without leaving my home country.

It is important to emphasize that the medical profession began in the Mara House Villa for Postgraduate Studies in 2015, with a capacity of 62 students, and in this year 2021, the seventh cohort began. Annually, over 70% of registrants come from various locations in the region.

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A historic day: the city’s first medical graduates

The university president’s message on social media

‚ÄúToday the first doctors trained in UNVM were received, with great joy, because it is the culmination of a process that started about 10 years ago with the formulation, submission and approval of the project in the Ministry. In Kono, the beginning of implementation and 6 years of much work. Congratulations to the first graduates, they charted a path and showed Excellence and perpetual commitment; now many others will come.I can only admit to those who have been involved in leading the project in this decade and subsequent implementation: Gloria Fadori, Paula Cook, Alberto Dane, Pedro Trico, Margarita Schweitzer and the current IAPCH authorities, Daniela Dubois and the rest of the team. From Buenos Aires, as Secretary for University Policies, the decision was made that this profession should be for the UNVM and not for another institution: Thank you Martin Gill. The first and first doctors of the UNVM are from reality !! ”

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