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Cuba: Cuba defends its right to peace against foreign aggression

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reaffirmed his country’s will to defend sovereignty and internal peace, which is today threatened by campaigns encouraged from abroad to sabotage the revolutionary process.

Uruguay: They hint that plans to destabilize Cuba have failed

Former Uruguayan Ambassador to Cuba Eduardo Laurier expressed today his conviction that US plans to destabilize the Caribbean nation are doomed to failure.

Brazil: Lula on tour of Europe with honors in Paris

Former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva will complete a 10-day tour of Europe starting today, where he will hold meetings with political and social leaders, and be honored in Paris.

Guatemala: Opens the doors of the second series of badminton

For the fourth time this year, Guatemala will host the Badminton Championships, now the II Future Series, starting today at the Ciudad de los Deportes Coliseum in the capital.

Venezuela: the government guarantees cultural rights in times of epidemic

Venezuelan Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas said that today the Venezuelan government guarantees the exercise of the cultural rights of the population, in the midst of a scenario that has characterized the Covid-19 pandemic.

Argentina: countdown to the elections

72 hours before the legislative elections that mark the move in Argentina, the rival political alliances begin the countdown with the closing of the election campaign.

UN: UN Secretary-General continues negotiations at COP26

Today, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, continues negotiations on the UN Climate Change Agreement (COP26) and will also be in a forum with this appointment.

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UK: COP26 in final stage towards agreement still uncertain

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) kicked off its eleventh and penultimate day today with the hope of achieving global consensus on its core pillars: financing, adaptation and mitigation.

Russia: Putin congratulated Daniel Ortega on his electoral victory in Nicaragua

Local newspapers highlighted today that Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega on the victory of the Sandinista National Liberation Front in the November 7 elections.

China: Xi Jinping calls on Asia and the Pacific to advance economic recovery together

Chinese President Xi Jinping today called on Asian and Pacific countries to join efforts to jointly overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and move quickly toward economic recovery.

Syria: The Syrian army shot down most of the missiles during the latest Israeli attack

Military sources reported today that the Syrian army’s anti-aircraft defense batteries were able to intercept six out of eight missiles during the latest Israeli air strike against this Arab country.

Lebanon: a government almost paralyzed

Al-Mayadeen Al-Arabiya channel said today that the Lebanese government is almost paralyzed due to the diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia and criticism of the investigation into the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut in 2020.

Angola: In Angola they defend national unity and economic diversification

President Joao Lourenço said that the preservation of peace, national reconciliation and economic diversification are among the priorities of Angola, which celebrates today the forty-sixth anniversary of its independence.

Vietnam: Increased fish exports

The Seafood Producers and Exporters Association reported today that Vietnamese exports of fish products totaled $7.1 billion in the January-October period, an increase of 2.4 percent.

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SPORTS: Sabalenka to set a new record of victories in the tennis tournament

Belarusian Arina Sabalenka, second in the tennis world rankings, will attempt here today for the first time to demonstrate her record of victories in the Masters Cup against Spain’s Paula Padusa of the Chichen Itza group.


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