Fires in Corrientes: Valdes asked the US ambassador for help while the fire continues

The fires in Corrientes continue to wreak havoc on the territory of the province and bring vegetation and various types of animals under control. Faced with this situation, the county government responsible for Gustavo Valdes asked for cooperation from Mark Stanley, Ambassador of the United States in Argentina. In addition, aid has been received from 11 Argentine provinces as well as from Brazil.

Fires in Corrientes: Governor Gustavo Valdes said “the conversation with Kapande is over”

It is estimated that the flames reached about 800 thousand hectares of the territory of Mesopotamia, which represents 10% of the territory. During this crisis, the differences between the radical ruler Valdez and the national government were exposed. In fact, the Minister of the Environment Juan Cabande criticized Valdes for asking for help too late.

The governor replied, “I won’t argue anymore. The conversation with Kapande is over. Yesterday he spoke for the first time with the nation’s president and made himself available. He promised to set helplines for all producers. Compliance. Today we have a fire, but we have to somehow revitalize the economy.” Neither the president nor the minister has traveled to the governorate during this crisiswhile other regional officials did.

After these cross disputes, Valds changed focus to seeking help. He wrote on his Twitter account that “Since Corrientes needs more resources to overcome the emergency you are going through, She requested the cooperation of the United States through its ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley“.

In turn, Valdes thanked the Brazilian authorities – one of the three countries bordering Corrientes – for “helping us with various resources to deal with the fires.” In particular, the chief appointed Jair Bolsonaro and the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite.

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The official of the Todos front who was in Corrientes was Sergio Berni. And the Secretary of Security in the province of Buenos Aires took advantage of the situation to criticize national officials without naming them. “Some are very miserable, some are ineffective and some are very insensitive. Our presence here bothers them because it exposes them. Have you seen any of these here? He asked rhetorically in an interview with TN. Along those lines, he added, “Everyone criticizes, but I haven’t seen anyone here.”

“She left the Kirchner, she left that political space with pain and grief. I respect the character of Christina (Kirchner). I think she is the only leader who has a diagonal model in her head,” official Axel Kiselov announced yesterday. I’d never find myself criticizing Cristina but I think it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and take another route. At the moment, his political future is unknown. Similarly, he continues his regional position under the leadership of Axel Kiselov.

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