Finland offers jobs to foreigners: requirements

The government estimates that it will need a positive immigration balance of 20,000 to 30,000 people each year in order to maintain public services at their level of excellence and offset the impending shortfall in the pension system.


What jobs does Finland offer?

Currently, Finland is the country with the highest skilled labor deficit in all of Europe, according to the OECD classification. To alleviate the shortage, the government is seeking to encourage immigration of foreign workers to alleviate its demographic crisis.

In the face of this scourge, agencies have emerged today that provide services to immigrants on a global scale and encourage them to move to Finland. For example, the government has created its own government program called Talent Promotion or Talent Promotion in Spanish to promote Finland and attract professionals.

According to government sources, health personnel, marine experts, metallurgists and computer experts are the most sought after files by local businesses.


Requirements to work in Finland

The LinkedIn social network is one of the easiest ways to find work in other countries. in the tab ProfessionYou can filter by location.

Through LinkedIn, there are more than 6000 jobs available in Finland. To apply, the main requirement is that you have a curriculum in English.

Talented Solutions agency is also looking for Argentines on the same social network. Specifically, they want to attract cloud architects and software developers.

According to the salary explorer website, a software developer with little work experience can earn $2,000 in Finland while an experienced professional exceeds $7,000 per month.

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According to a government survey, a family of two adults and two children spends about $5,500 per month. This calculation includes the costs of renting a two-bedroom apartment, paying the monthly car loan, utilities, and groceries.

According to the Finnish Embassy in Argentina, it is possible to work and reside in the country freely for a maximum of three months. After this period, the right of residence must be registered at the Immigration Office in Finland.

Along these lines, the Embassy urges Argentines to send an email to request this before traveling to the country for the first time. This process is electronic and you need to fill out a form.

After that, the Finnish Embassy in Argentina calls for an appointment and the corresponding fee must be paid to complete the process. Once ready, the diplomatic representation hands over the card (or documents).

In the case of a passport from the European Union, Norway or Switzerland, it is not necessary to process residency and it is possible to go to work directly in the country.


Despite the good standard of living found in Finland, the country suffers from attracting foreign workers due to the harsh climate and especially due to the difficulty of the language. In addition, many companies do not tend to change the language of work, so attracting foreign talent becomes a problem.

Charles Mattis, an expert involved in the government’s “talent boosting” programme, asserts that companies and the CEO himself are “at a tipping point and acknowledging the problem.” This program is looking for Spanish health professionals, Slovak mineralogists, computer scientists or marine experts.

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Mathis gives the example of a company that decided to change its working language to English, and within a few months it had an additional 2,000 workers. For his part, Helsinki’s mayor has mobilized major telecoms companies to improve the city’s attractiveness and notoriety, dependence on Asian immigration and the change in priorities caused by the pandemic that, he says, have boosted his city’s values: “safe, practical, reliable and predictable.”

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