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The brain is a machine that needs nurturing and training, and one of the best ways to flick off your mind is visual challenges, especially if they are rewarding, entertaining, and useful. That’s why we have brought a puzzle where you will have to prove that you are an expert capable of overcoming any challenge.

This visual challenge consists of Alphabet soup Intermediate level, it is ideal for people who want to improve their visual and mental abilities, it is also an ideal learning tool for the little ones at home and it is a form of relaxation and amusement for those people who are stressed regularly.

What task should you accomplish?

As mentioned above, the alphabet soup created by the staff at Gorgeous Guruis the middle level, in which the word hides “An apple”Your job is to find it before anyone else, remember that time is precious, so make the most of every second.

You areIt took 5 seconds to locate the word “MANZANA” in the letter set

picture: Gorgeous Guru

Only a true fan of visual challenges was able to find the word on time. If you have no problem in achieving the goal and you solve it immediately, you can move to the next level, your skills are in perfect condition.

In the event that you can’t get the job done, don’t put pressure on yourself, you can try it again, but this time make sure you get the victory.


Look at the following image to see where the hidden word is.

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picture: Gorgeous Guru

Today’s challenge is over, but your brain exercises must continue, move on to other visual puzzles that test your speed, perception and attention. It is worth noting that this hobby can bring great benefits to the brain.

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