Find out what permits you need to visit, work or study in Canada

Canada can be a beautiful destination to go on vacation. But it can also be presented as a job or academic opportunity. And even as a country in which to settle down and start a new life. In all these cases, the foreign visitor must obtain a permit depending on the purpose. An official document issued by the Canadian government.

Visitor permit up to 6 months

To travel to the northern country of the continent, a permit is required. Similar to North America, the Canada visa It is called an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). It is a permit to enter the country in a short period of time with the aim of doing business or tourism.

Before applying, it is important to read the detailed instructions on the Canadian Government website. Then fill out the form provided by the site. There, information such as passport number, date of issue and expiration, country of issue and nationality are requested. Personal data, information regarding the reason for the trip, and contact information must also be provided.

If the form and documents submitted are correct and contain no discrepancies, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is approved. The interested party will receive this notice and the travel authorization number in the email stated in the application. The cost of an eTA is 7 Canadian dollars. The appointment period is approximately 72 hours, although it is subject to delays.

Work Permit

An electronic travel authorization (eTA) is not sufficient to work in Canada. The Canadian government requires a special permit to do so. The work permit or visa is valid for a certain period. And to process them, for the most part, it is necessary for the applicant to already have a specific job offer in Canada. There are different types of licenses depending on the type of business.

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If it is an academic scholarship, she is allowed to work 20 hours per week. And at the same time for the study plan. Co-op training allows you to work 40 hours a week. If the applicant is a graduate, master’s or doctor from a Canadian institution, he or she can obtain a PGWP (Graduate Work Permit). And work for a period that extends between the period you studied up to 3 years.

Accompanying students can also obtain a work permit in Canada. If the spouse of the applicant is studying higher education in one of his institutions, he can request a work permit. And work out how long your partner’s academic training lasts.

Those who participate in programs for young professionals can obtain a permit for a minimum of one year. It comes with an extension Working holiday visaAssociated with the person or company of their employer in Canada. next to, Those technicians or professionals who have been reached under international agreements can do so.

Study permit

To study in Canada, it is necessary to apply for a study permit. In addition to an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or visa, as applicable, which will be issued with the permit. And to meet a series of requirements that make the applicant eligible. How to register in an academic institution and prove economic solvency. Failure to provide a criminal record and proof of good health.

To apply for this permit, you must provide a letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution. Identity document, passport or document. and a certificate proving sufficient economic and financial support. This could be proof of a Canadian bank account, a certificate of secured investment, or a student loan. In the case of a grant, documented proof.

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You must also attach a letter of explanation explaining why you want to study in Canada. A medical examination will be required in some cases. For example, if the applicant will be staying in Canada for more than half a year or if he has visited countries affected by certain diseases.

All licenses are ordered online. In all cases, it is recommended to read the instructions and requirements. And have the necessary documents on hand when you start the application. It is important to know that countries have their own standards in terms of agreements and international links. Therefore, Canada can require different documents depending on the respective country of origin.

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