find out the gross bugs in the room; Beat the viral puzzle in 10 seconds – teach me about science

This time we present you with a very complex challenge as only 8% of the participants achieved success.

The living room is a charming place where a large number of people can rest or be distracted by watching TV, usually most people enjoy themselves and it is the place where they can enjoy the outside company. The following illustration shows a delicate scene in a room in a warm house, at first glance everything seems to be in perfect condition because nothing strange has been noticed.

However, in the room scene there are 7 fatal bugs, only the most noticeable and aware are able to find the strange items, don’t get carried away in your first impression, you will have to do your best to find the amazing bugs.

Challenge your brain and have the best time for social media!

You can find all 7 errors in 10 seconds

picture: Gorgeous Guru

Did you manage to solve this visual challenge?

If your eyes have not yet reached the expert level, do not worry, it is better to resort to the following clues.

Track No. 1

Take a closer look at the TV and we’re not pointing at the photo.

Track 2

Have you checked the windows yet?

Track 3

Watch the plants closely because they are not artificial.

With these 3 guides you will be able to have a new search opportunity to find the right answer, if you don’t like that you can scroll down to see the next image and find out all the errors.

correct answer

picture: Gorgeous Guru


You have finished your visual and mental training, at least in this puzzle, we suggest you continue with 2-3 more exercises per day, if you feel ready to continue with this expert level, you can do it without any problem or you can continue training with less complex levels, what You just have to choose the level you like the most.

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