Financial education is the key to improving personal health and social well-being

Text prepared by José Manuel Jiménez Rodriguez, Director of the Santa Lucia Institute

An unhealthy financial situation can affect you emotionally. The inability of the younger generations to save and poor management of expenses It can cause anxiety or other health problems. In fact, according to Cigna’s latest study,The global impact of COVID-19“, 30% of Spaniards state that personal financial situation and economic situation are the main causes of stress, followed by uncertainty about the future. These factors, among others, have led Spain to be Fifth country with great stress across EuropeAccording to Eurostat data. In this way, health promotion is not only the responsibility of the health sector, it goes beyond that, and it must emphasize the importance of the economy.

In this there can be no half-measures; Education equals prevention and safety. In the modern economy, every decision we make, whether it’s renting a house, accepting a work contract, or buying a piece of clothing, makes us a part of it. Everyone, especially the younger ones, should know and deal with concepts such as savings, contributions, pensions or retirement, because we will face them in the future.

Spanish students are 13 points below the European average in knowledge about economics, finance and finance

Reports like Intrum الأوروبي European Consumer Payment Report 2021 states that 62% of Spaniards need to improve their financial education. Spanish students are 13 points below the European average in knowledge about economics, finance and financeAccording to the Pisa report, it is a clear indication of the shortcomings of an educational system that does not include financial education in its study plans.

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Of course, reaching younger generations, in a world where immediacy is the creed, is a challenge we must all put our best efforts into. For this reason, in recent years we launched the Instituto Santalucía Various teaching guides On topics such as the pension system, retirement, or self-employment, in our commitment to helping society understand the economic system on which they depend the most important decisions of their lives. However, this year we wanted to jump into the digital world, and attract those who need it most: the youth.

On the occasion of Financial Education Day, and to meet the needs of the digital environment, we created The first metaverse to offer, in a different way, global generations financial education 2.0. Through their avatar, they can interact in a virtual world and access concepts related to savings, contributions or pension plans; In addition to documentaries and articles about inflation, or to complicate matters a little, concepts such as fraud or re-elaboration.

To earn financial health, we have to do it They become experts in managing our money. This should be part of everyone’s commitment to future generations, and they will be most appreciative in the long run for the security that a good financial education brings.

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