Finally, the function to view deleted WhatsApp messages is enabled: how they are used and who has it

At the back The WhatsApp Submit a new update It allows you to delete messages in a conversation and make them disappear forever. Although it is possible to delete a message that has already been sent to another contact, at this time – unfortunately – On many occasions, the recipient knows if a deletion has been decided upon.

New WhatsApp trick: You can now activate the most popular feature to use anywhere

Many users slipped on social networks It would be nice if WhatsApp provides the possibility to choose whether you want the recipient to see the notification of the deleted message or not.

Therefore, many are curious to know what that message said. Today, It is possible to “trick” the app to see the message hidden behind the “This message has been deleted” notification. Step by step, how to do it.

Step by step, how to read all deleted messages

At the moment, WhatsApp does not have an official function that reveals the content but there is an app calledWhatsRemoved +What or what It can be downloaded from the Android App Store. At the moment, there is no similar app available on iOS.

What are the requirements? The user only needs to configure WhatsApp on Android to be able to make a backup. Then you can recover deleted messages without any hassle.

in the first place, Download the app and go to the settings menu By WhatsRemoved +. Choose inNotices“Implementation”The WhatsAppThen press Next. In the next step, It is necessary to grant permission to join the two applications. Once permission is granted, you can see all deleted messages in WhatsRemoved + option.

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Being an unauthorized application, If the app detects the use, the account may be locked forever. For this reason, you have to be careful as these are unofficial apps that violate their terms of use, and according to Facebook, their security practices cannot be verified. In the first step, the user accounts that use them will be suspended; Within a second, their subscription will be canceled.

WhatsApp blocks accounts, without warning, to whom it is doing: what it is and how to avoid it

Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or the ones that claim to be able to transfer your WhatsApp conversations from one phone to another, They are modified versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and Violate our terms of service. WhatsApp does not endorse the use of third-party applications because it cannot verify the correctness of its security practices, “the company announced in a statement days ago.

WhatsApp’s alarm comes a few weeks after announcing changes to its privacy policies, which caused millions of users to flee.

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