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Microsoft knows very well how to heat the environment with a target Age of Empires IV. The April event didn’t just showcase new civilizations, new gameplay and Set the game at launch in october, But it gave us a double delight: the ultimate versions of Age of Empires II s Third You will receive New content. And what’s even better: The first of them, dedicated to the United States, was played Starting on April 13th.

The arrival of this new content will open up new opportunities for players and really interesting nuances. United State It is a civilization with unique mechanisms, distinct units, and a federal system of management and trading that promises to delight fans of the series.

And for a sample, as an appetizer, here’s a four-minute preview of content and news American Civilization.

Right from the start, his military ability stands out from the early stages of the game thanks to the start of the game Gen unit (Instead of the Explorer) The ability to morale your troops and make a difference from the start.

In addition, it has exceptional and versatile land and marine units, incl Steamers, Which not only has formidable resistance but also allows you to gather resources, create sidewalks and even train troops. Not to mention, the use of the steam engine gives them unique hunt and escape capabilities.

But the most distinctive thing is the political system of civilization itself. Our way to progress through Add the United States to our union, Which means an increase in rewards and new possibilities when it comes to forging geopolitical ties. A really interesting hypothesis.

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US, New DLC free to unlock AoE III: Definitive Edition

The US will not be the last planned new content for the classic, massively revamped installments.Ge of EmpiresXbox Games Studios looks to the African continent for the not-too-distant future. However. However, Microsoft gives us new reasons to resume games as soon as this batch of news becomes available.

Although it is possible to get US Civilization through Microsoft stores and Steam, the really interesting thing is that we can unlock them. Without spending a penny And on the basis of play: enough with Complete the Fifty Countries Challenge On Age of Empires III: Final Edition To receive and enjoy content completely free of charge.

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However, it doesn’t hurt to remember that Age of Empires III: Final Edition, Available here. In addition to the first two installments, it is part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog for PC, and thus it also stands out among the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games.

Members Age of Empires The classic strategy is in the midst of a second golden age and in October of this year the cycle will be completed with a new, highly anticipated fourth installment.

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