Filtered photos of Yasmín Esquivel on vacation in Canada

Jasmine Esquivel in Whistler, Canada (Twitter/@lumendoz)

Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Jasmine Esciffel Moussa, She was caught vacationing with her family on the streets whistlerin Canada.

According to the photos leaked by the journalist Lord MendozaAl-Faqih – who in recent months has been implicated in accusations of plagiarism in her university and doctoral dissertations – was seen with her husband, a businessman. Jose Maria Riobu.

Whistler is one of the main tourist destinations in Canada, a favorite for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and its heights on the British Columbia coast are the largest ski mountains in North America.

“Where is the impersonating minister in SCJN? Well where neoliberal people usually travel in these times… Yes, he skis with his family in Whistler! Yes, with her husband Ryobo, López Obrador’s favorite builder,” the journalist posted on her Twitter account.

Jasmine Esquivel in Whistler, Canada (Twitter/@lumendoz)

Although Mendoza Peñaloza did not specify what date the photos correspond to, they are assumed to be recent. For his part, Esquivel Musa was present during the last plenary session of the Supreme Court, which was held last Thursday, March 30, so his trip will be in accordance with vacation granted to the statutory body in connection with Easter holiday week.

Meanwhile, the fight between the minister and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAMHe continued, after the twenty-first Administrative College Court recognized the educational institution’s appeal against the final suspension granted by the judge in favor of the lawyer.

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At the end of February, Fifth Circuit Administrative Affairs Judge Sandra de Jesús Zúñiga granted Esquivel Moses the precautionary measures he had made impossible for the court. University Ethics Committee UNAM to issue a decision in the plagiarism case until the protection suit filed by the Minister is resolved.

Jasmine Esquivel and Jose Maria Ryobo from Whistler, Canada (Twitter/@lumendoz)

In addition, the judge also canceled the constitutional hearing in which the legal protections sought by the aggrieved party, which were tentatively dated March 31, would be determined; However, it was refused.

For its part, on February 23, UNAM dealt a blow when the 20th Administrative Court of Mexico City partially annulled the temporary suspension won by Yasmin Esquivel, which prevented the university from reporting on the process in context.

Now, facing the final challenge of the Maximum House of Studies, promoted by the Rector, Enrique Grauy, and the Chair of the Committee, Elisa Speakman, the judges will be Carlos Alberto Zerba Duran, Guillermina Coutinho Mara and Fernando Isaac. Ibarra Gómez who has to resolve the request for review.

Jasmine Esquivel continues the feud against Yonam (Azucena Uresti/Twitter)

while, Jose Maria Riobu Considered the favorite contractor of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he has served throughout his federal government – and ever since AMLO Mexico City Rule – His companies have benefited from various contracts.

Between 2002 and 2006, the Civil Engineering Company, Rioboo groupFour direct prizes with a total value of 171 million pesos were presented, which were awarded as part of the Fund for Improving Communication Channels in Federal District, For which the second floor of the terminal and other works have been built.

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Other works involving Periférico Arco Oriente, the Constituyentes Reforma road project, and the extension of Line 1 of Metrobús and Supervía Poniente.

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