Filmus highlighted that the Science Funding Act has a federal perspective

The official spoke on the panel “Federal Future”, as part of the first edition of the Federal Summit on Bioeconomy (CFBE).

The Minister of Science and Technology, Daniel Filmus, confirmed that the Science Funding Act was approved in 2021 “Evokes a federal perspective not only in equipment but also in science and technology business centrally where it has not yet been reached.”

“In addition, 20% of the increase should go to a special equipment program, which is called the Consortium of Sciences,” the commission official noted.Federal Future” under the first edition of the Federal Summit on Bioeconomics (CFBE).

The Science and Technology Financing Act provides for a gradual and continuous increase in the national budget until in 2032 it reaches 1% of GDP.

In addition, Vilmus stated that “if we really want to have policies that allow us to add value, and develop our science and technology in the medium and long term, we need common goals.”

Chubut’s governor, Mariano Archione, stressed that the policies being adopted are “a preliminary step toward what is to come” and added that the world “is asking us to reach this balance in sustainability.”

In this sense, the Governor introduced a power generation project supported by the Federal Investment Council (CFI) which will allow the governorate to “saving over $3,000,000 annually which will focus on replacing diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) through the use of forest biomass “.

Forest biomass arises from the biodegradable portion of the products, by-products, and residues that come from forest management, the latter activity is also known as forestry.

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The points in Chubut where this activity is carried out in El Maiten “will enable their full operation of the biofuel generation of three power plants operating outside the Argentine System of Interconnection (SADI), and in this way they will be able to supply electricity to Gualina, Paso de Indios and parts of Corcovado and Los Altares.”

“In Chubut County, we are doing an energy transition that makes us pioneers in this, last week we celebrated the first Forum on Sustainable Energy Transition, because Chubut has all the conditions to lead this change in the matrix,” he said.

In the same vein, the governor of Jujuy Province, Gerardo Morales, another speaker at the session, stated that “Argentina is well positioned in the field of biotechnology and in the face of current and future global challenges that require, for example, food, energy and a knowledge economy.”

In conclusion, Morales stressed that “the provinces have a lot to contribute” and “there are no non-viable provinces”.

The session was attended by the governor of Chubut, Mariano Archione, the governor of Gogoi, Gerardo Morales, the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, and the Minister of Science and Technology Daniel Filmus.

The CFBE 2022 tournament will continue on Thursday, October 27 at Salones Puerto Norte, in Rosario, Santa Fe.

Yesterday, the first edition of the Federal Bio-Economy Summit kicked off in the city of Rosario, in the presence of the Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, and officials at the municipal, county and national levels.

“You’ve heard many times that we’re talking about turning Santa Fe County into The Center for the Knowledge Economy in Latin AmericaBeiruti said at the opening of the meeting, which was held in the northern Rosario port until tomorrow.

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Attempting to frame the governorate with all its sectors in what is an expression of biotechnology, an expression of transforming the governorate into a technology center, Governor added.

The full agenda can be found at:

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