Filmos highlighted Nestor Kirchner’s legacy in science, education and culture

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The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmos, honored the former president, Nestor Kirchner, during a table discussion held at the book fair, highlighting the “extremely deep thought” that the Santa Cruz leader had on “science, education and culture”.

“Reading the speeches of (the former president) one can discover that there is very deep thinking in terms of science, education and culture. Nestor (Kirchner) had the idea of ​​an education system as a distributor of the central values ​​of our culture because it is the educational system that gives us identity”Vilmos stressed, as stated in a statement.

The meeting was also marked Participation of the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauer, and the National Deputy of the Front of Todos (FdT), Blanca Osunawho were present at the book fair space owned by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation together with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the Telam Agency.

In this context, a discussion about Book Nestor Kirchner Education and Science. Discourses and policies for the democratization of knowledge. Written by the owner of Science Portfolio.

In the work, Vilmos traces a journey through the speeches of the former president as he commemorates two decades of his accession to the presidency.

Tailam at the 47th edition of the International Book Fair.

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In his speech, the official stated that the book “collects anecdotes, speeches, pictures and stories” that he shared with the former president, and pointed out that “20 years have passed since the educational debate that took place in 2003.”

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“It was very important because we came from an education system that’s been dismantled since the 1990s. Today we’re doing this tribute and this memorial because I think similar times are coming from here into August and into October. I mean this in the sense that we’re going to have to have a fundamental educational discussion,” the minister said.

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In addition, he indicated that he never thought that “in Argentina we would hear again that school does not have to be compulsory,” referring to the proposals made in this regard by the liberal deputy and presidential candidate Javier Meli.

“We have to know that they are coming from the other side for education and for our rights and that’s why we have to have tools for discussion. The discussion is not about nominations but about what the government’s program is at stake,” continued Vilmos.

For his part, Bauer emphasized: “Nestor Kirchner left a very important legacy in Argentina and the region.”

He emphasized that “Indeed, he came to propose a very beautiful dream, which some of us were fortunate enough to share at his side. He spoke to us about education and culture. He knew the importance of bringing about a profound cultural change.”

He noted that it began with him “dreaming of an educational channel and a children’s channel that later became Canal Encuentro and Canal Pakapaka”.

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