Filming for Season 2 of The Witcher is over and you just have to wait for the Netflix premiere

One of the best news we could get is the completion of the project. In this case, the second season of The Witcher is being filmed for NetflixWhich is officially over.

This is what was confirmed by the production company itself through a video clip in which it reviews all filming operations. 15 sites, 89 members, and 1,200 members from work; That was the balance to record the new story ahead.

Lauren Schmidt Hesrich He was responsible for directing all of this total production, which still has no date for its premiere. In the video we can see it Henry Cavill Thanks all members for their work during this time, as well as the moments they lived through Freya Alan and Anna Schaffer Or the director Sarah O’Gorman.

This new season promises to be much darker than Season 1 and one of the details we will see improvement comes from our followers. The stylistic section has been thoroughly revised To please the audience. The summary shared by Netflix so far is as follows:

Convinced that Yennifer lost his life in the Battle of Soden, Geralt from Rivia escorts Princess Cyrilla to Kerr Moorhin, the safest place she knows, and the place she grew up in too. While kings, elves, humans and demons from all over the world were on the continent fighting for power outside The walls of the castle, Geralt must protect the girl from something more dangerous: the mysterious force that is boiling inside. “

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In the meantime, we were able to take a look at photos of what appears to be a Wild Hunt on a beach in the UK. Additionally, new faces joined the cast and we will meet in the following seasons.

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