Filmin presents its new original film: El falsador, a project consisting of a film and a three-episode series.

Following the success of Doctor Portuondo, its first original TV series to debut in 2021, Filmin will present its new project at the next edition of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Festival under Original movie character: “The Counterfeit”.

It is a documentary film directed by Kike MaílloFilmed in the United States, Italy and Spain. “El Valsador” is produced by the platform with Playtime Movies and Saturday Movies with the participation of El Terrat (mediapro studio), Televisió de Catalunya, ICEC and ICAA. “The Forger” is a project consisting of a film and a three-episode series.


The film features Oswald Olistia Bach, a Catalan artist who has been persecuted for years by American justice. Being one of the mainstays of the so-called “Process Artist”, an investigation conducted by the FBI, in collaboration with Mosos Desquadra and Carabinieri, to imprison those responsible for one of the largest conspiracies of art forgery in recent times. contracts. After extradition to the United States and spending 9 months in a federal prison in Chicago, Oswald returned to Spain a few years ago.

“El Felsador” goes through a wonderful story of his life, full of excesses, tricks and deceit. Oswald is hidden behind glasses and a cap, with his distinctive moustache, a unique character through which the film reflects the concepts of original and copy, reality and myth, truth and lies. It’s hard to tell how much of what Oswald tells us is real, and how much of an invention dedicated to glorifying his legend.

Several people associated with him, as well as the authorities related to the artist’s operation and two characters who spent some time in prison for their involvement in the case (Italian merchant Elio Bonfiglioli and American Michael Zabrin) help us to compose the polyhedral picture. A captivating man, who identifies himself as a “pirate,” a cheeky, cynical and lovable man who enthralls us with his personality and the mystery hidden behind his stories, in the best of Hispanic picaresque lore.

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“The Forger” is a project consisting of a film and a three-episode series. The film will be shown in theaters and Filmin’s on September 30 and the series can be watched during the first months of 2023.

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