Fight Day between Mexico and Canada at the World Baseball Classic

As WCB approaches, we look back at what happened 9 years ago

Today is back world classic baseball which will be held in March in United States and JapanAnd the It ends in North America. Mexico will share a group with the United States and Canada We all remember what happened there 2013 with Canada.

In 2013 Classic Mexico’s performance is remembered for its victory over the favorite team, the United StatesHowever, there is A stain on the aforementioned World Cupbecause of Fighting against Canada In the last commitment of the group.

Canada won the match 9-3 On the Mexicans, in the ninth inning of the catcher Chris Robinson Episode opened with ball touch; famous fractureunwritten judgment“Because they have a huge advantage.

At the time, he was the third Mexican baseman, Alfonso “Cochetto” Cruzand catch the ball and He points to the bowler (Arnold Lyon) to hit the next batter Whatever Canadian Rene Tosoni.

Arnold Leon did not think twice and In the third down hit the mixture And they unleashed Brawl between the Aztec formula and that of the “Maple Leaf”In the video, it appears as They end up throwing punches Players of both nineties.

Finally the players Oliver Perez, Eduardo “Moscow” Arredondo and Alfredo “Patton” Aceves will be expelled from the game after they are marked as the players who delivered direct hits.

Does not advance from groups

In the The last two world baseball classicsAztec ninth He did not pass the first stage of the championship.

In 2013, when it was fighting, They were last from the group with 1-3 recordThe ninth victory was for the United States.

The Pan American Stadium in Zapopan, Jaliscowas the headquarters of the group in which Mexico participated in 2017 Classic. For the second time in a row, the Mexican national team finished second in the group with 1-3 recordhowever, By gender he was in last place.

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