FIFA portal: For the thirteenth time, justice in the United States postpones Sergio Gado’s penalty

Once again, Sergio Gado will have to wait to be prosecuted for participating in the so-called FIFA portal, where various football-related entities have committed bribery, fraud and money laundering.

On this occasion, the person requesting the adjournment was the prosecutor in charge of the case, who requested more time to better investigate what happened.

In this way, Sergio Gado will have a hearing to determine the penalty only in October of this year.

With this said, the same would happen 13 times with the former head of ANFP, accused of taking bribes from Conmebol.

Sergio Gado is waiting for his sentence.

It is important to remember that this happened in 2015 and that Jadue was not initially convicted after he was able to reach an agreement with the FBI to be part of the investigation into the event. Before agreeing to help, he had to plead guilty to corruption charges in the sale of television rights to soccer tournaments in South America.

On the question of why the deadline has been extended over and over again, Ken Bensinger, author of the book Red card Where information on FIFA’s corruption cases is collected, it states, “Prosecutors are asking for adjournments. They want collaborators available to testify at the upcoming trial. If they allow them to receive their sentences earlier, the convict will have no reason to testify.”

“Once the judge delivers the verdict, the Attorney General’s office has no more tools to deal with individuals who are in the United States today. They go to prison and there is nothing else to be offered in return for their cooperation,” he concluded, explaining that the main reason Sergio Gado has not been prosecuted so far is The importance of his cooperation.

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