FIFA 23 will not change its name and will for the first time allow cross, world and more

We told you a few months ago that Electronic Arts will deal with FIFA how you will use the upcoming gaming license in the Millionaire saga. There were serious doubts about the possibility of calling the game FIFA 23That is, there was doubt as to his ability to retain the name that has always accompanied the epic all these years.

It now appears that he will not only continue to be called FIFA 23, but will also arrive for the addendum Lots of updates seen so far. On the one hand, it will be the name that will be respected, on the other hand, for the first time in the saga, the title will allow intersection, meaning that we will play in its online modes against players of all platforms, with this step you will create an almost endless community of players, uniting PlayStation and Xbox and PC.

FIFA 23 with cross-platform play

A very important detail is that FIFA 23 will not be a free game, but rather a complete game like the one we have seen so far. FIFA 23 is also expected to include the World Cup, both for men and women, and of course the star mode in the saga, FIFA Ultimate Team, will not be missing.

There will be more alliances with leagues around the world in order to continue expanding the content, although this leak did not reveal specific details about the changes and additions that the new game will bring us.

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