Fidel Castro’s grandson bragged about a luxury car in the midst of Cuba’s economic crisis: “We are simple, but you have to get the toys out.”

Sandro Castro, the grandson of the historic Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, was then involved in a new controversy. He posted a video showing him showing off a luxury car as the Caribbean’s permanent economic crisis continues to deepen.

The photos show Castro driving a Mercedes on an empty highway while talking to the person filming it: “Dad, look what dad is playing. Because you know we’re simple, but from time to time you have to take out the toys you have around the house“Castro, who is also known for having different bars in Havana, is often frequented by the Cuban elite,” says Castro.

The passenger is also required to photograph the car’s dashboard, which shows the speed at which he is driving:Look how cute this happens at 140 kilometers per hour, man. This is important, my people, so that they are not mistaken“, He adds.

This is not the first time that Sandro Castro, who is known to show off his possessions, has been involved in controversy of this kind. In 2019, amid an acute fuel shortage, he posted a photo of his car with a full tank.

This new video sparked practical public outrage on social media. Several users who interacted with the various posts that were echoed in the video They criticize Castro, highlighting the contrast with the precarious conditions in which the majority of the island’s population lives..

In fact, the economic crisis that Cuba is going through has reached such a point that in recent weeks the system has opened the doors to the expansion of the private sector as a means of attracting foreign currencies. to me New York times In explaining the procedure, the motive behind it was a “paramount necessity”.

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“In 2020, the Cuban economy has been stagnant for a long time. It shrank by 11 percentWhen the Donald Trump administration tightened the United States’ sanctions on the island and the epidemic caused tourism to halt the country’s economic sustenance, ” the post notes.

The country may also try to work to liberalize trade with a new U.S. administration in power, in the hope that the United States will end the embargo on the island. He said that at present, 124 activities have not been identified that are still prohibited, but the abolition of the list of permitted professions means that the private sector can enter more than 2000 activities that were collected in the national classification of economic activities. In this regard the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Marta Elena Vito.

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