Few people will be interested in your advertisement, it made me very happy. First trailer and details for Star Trek: Infinite, edited by Paradox Interactive – Star Trek: Infinite

This strategy video game promises an unprecedented experience just a few years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation series.

Mysterious teaser for strategy and adventure Star Trek It may not be done with all the attention in the world, but I personally adore it from the very first moment. Finally a great new Star Trek video game!

At the Summer Games Festival, the Paradox Interactive team walked in to submit some proposals. One of them is christened Star Trek: Infinite, and it proposes transporting players to a few years before the series Next Generation (New Generation in Spain), allowing us to control the Four Great Powers in the Alpha Quadrant; That is, the United Federation of Planets, the Cardassians, the Klingons, and the Romulans.

Star Trek: Infinite puts players in command of one of the four superpowers in a quadrant, Each faction has its own traits, stories, missions, and more to make every game feel different. With stunning visuals, challenging decisions and unique gameplay, this game allows players to experience the franchise in a new way as they fly through space in contact with other empires and worlds.”

Paradox Interactive is thrilled to work with an IP with a fan base as diehard as Star Trek, and they promise to create a faithful and satisfying game that lives up to their expectations. He takes care of his development Nimble Giant Entertainmenta team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will arrive in the fallalthough we will have news on June 16th.

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A few days ago, speaking of this saga, Star Trek: Resurgence arrived, a narrative adventure that includes dialogue choices, relationship development, and exploration.

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