Federer answered his followers’ questions: from the unexpected praise of Little Schwartzman to the warm message to Argentina

Roger Federer talking to Diego Schwartzman. The Swiss praised Peque as a great servant (Shutterstock)

Away from the courts, but not his passion for tennis, Roger Federer He was interacting with his followers on the social network Twitter And he would answer questions that his fans would write to him. The Swiss has put forth a slogan that within 90 minutes he will answer all concerns that have been sent to his account. Leave your questions here.called the winner of 111 ATP titles and 20 Grand Slams.

Inquiries began immediately about the 41-year-old former player who kindly responded, and in one of many requests a name was specified. Diego Schwartzman. The context of the special reference to small It is about user Hugo Christianson’s query about which of the competitors offered the best service or serve he had to face in his career. The Argentinean was on Federer’s roster, which also included such great servers as Andy Roddick, John Isner, Milos Raonic, Ivo Karlovic, Goran Ivanisevic, Pete Sampras, and. A bald boy from Croatia named Ivan Ljubicic. In addition, his wife added, Mirka Vavrinec.

It wasn’t the only reference from the Swiss to Argentina, a country he visited twice for exhibitions in 2012 and 2019. A follower asked him to send a message to his fans in the South American country. With much love, Roger replied: Thank you for all of your support over the years! I have great memories from my trip to and hope to be able to return one day.”.

“Let’s do it! I’ll try to get to as many of your questions as I can.” Your Majestyand invited him to continue the exchange with his fans. Many inquiries were about his great rival in the ring, Rafael Nadal, who recently came down from Roland Garros to prioritize his physical health. “What can you say to the Rafa fans who are feeling so sad these days? Any consolation?” “I’m with you. But I’m happy for him because he’s giving himself the time he needs to come back healthy and do some magical running,” Federer said. His favorite match against the Spaniard was at Roland Garros 2008.

Roger Federer responded on Twitter about the best serve he’s ever faced in a tennis match
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Another funny question for Federer is about who tells the best fatherly jokes between himself, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Nadal. Andy was born to tell daddy jokes and never laugh afterward.to reply. In addition, he answered about other sports such as basketball, which he declares to be a huge fan of, although he is unable to follow the NBA Finals due to scheduling issues. He warned that he might be present at the Rugby World Cup this year, which is being held in France.

On the other hand, Federer ruled out that this year he will be a tennis commentator on a TV channel such as BBC London at the traditional Wimbledon Championships, he reaffirmed that he is retiring from the sport professionally and that he will attend the Laver Cup this year in Vancouver, Canada. As far as his farewell to activity is concerned, the Basel-born gentleman has delved into what he enjoys most in his spare time: “There were so many little things that I didn’t know were causing so much stress that they just disappeared, which was really nice. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”.

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