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Tired of the fares of trains and flights from Liverpool, a fan of the network bought a bus, “Cheapest in the UK”and passengers will charge one pound to travel from it Liverpool To Paris to watch the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Since it became known that the final match will take place real madrid And in Liverpool, the prices of planes, trains and ferries to France are increasing day by day, to which must be added the cost of Parisian hotels, which are by no means less than 100 pounds (Q1028), so some fans have had to use their wits to go to the French capital.

Simon Wilson, a Liverpool fan, took the lead and bought the cheapest bus he could find on Google. “I got one that looks like a 1950s school bus,” Wilson told the Liverpool Echo.

“I remember seeing in Madrid how they brought real barbarism to the fans who wanted to go to the city. The people who are real fans and who couldn’t go to the game because the prices were exorbitant.” It is to explain. This prompted Wilson to take his car and drive from Liverpool to Paris, across the English Channel, so it’s not the first time he’s attempted a similar feat, but now he wants to move on.

“I thought about taking my Skoda again, but there is hardly room for two more people. So I wanted to do something bigger, something that would help more people. I googled for the cheapest bus and bought it. I also bought several stickers and made Paste them, to set the mood. To give you an idea, the stickers cost more than the cost of the bus.

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When Simon decided to put the idea of ​​the bus on social networks and that he would only charge a pound to fans who decided to take the trip with him, thousands of requests came to him.

“That’s normal. It’s the weekend on school holidays and a few days before the Queen’s jubilee vacation. There are no ships to Holland, all transport has already been taken. It’s a nightmare to go to Paris,” explains Simon, who started the trip yesterday.

From Liverpool they traveled to Dover, on the English coast, and from there they would take a ferry to Calais. Paris will be the next destination, before watching the final and returning to Anfield on Sunday, perhaps in time to watch the parade of the Liverpool champion, who will win or lose the final, to celebrate the trophy achieved this season.

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