Farewell thermometer: Fever can be measured with a cell phone

The Pixel 8’s thermometer will be based on an infrared sensor. (Video: Twitter/Neil Sargeant)

Google It will have an extraordinary advantage in the field of smartphones for its next model Pixel 8 Pro. According to recent leaks, The cell phone will include a thermometer Making it the first device to enable this feature in large quantities . We will not have a classic tube with mercury in the device, nor will we have a digital variant like the one we usually use in fever. How will it work?

Mobile phones with a thermometer: what will the function be in the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Place 91 mobile phones He posted a video (at the beginning of this review) of him viewing it How will the Google Pixel 8 Pro thermometer work. In the event that the leak matches the actual content from the manufacturer, it is expected that this unusual option will reach these high-end devices.

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To withstand user fever, the Pixel 8 Pro will use a Infrared sensor It is located on the panel where the cell phone’s rear cameras are also located. It is similar to a non-contact system of thermometers.

Beyond these variables, a phone thermometer will work with an infrared sensor. (Photo: Pixabay/Gundula Vogel)

As we can see in the video, for Measure body temperature using a smartphone You have to bring it close to the forehead, though not touching, and then move the device toward the temples in five seconds. According to the source, the system will also work on things, in addition to people.

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As a note EngadgetAnd The thermometer is an odd feature for a phone, especially now that pandemic-related measures are no longer being followed. For the rest, it is important to consider that the video is part of a leak (there are no official confirmations in this regard), and therefore it remains to be seen if the Pixel 8 Pro will actually have this feature.

A mobile phone that measures fever: a precedent in the time of COVID-19

In the middle of 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the mobile phone brand Honor launched a phone with 5G technology and a not-so-frequent detail, although useful in this context: a built-in thermometer. was about Honor Play 4 Proa model that allows you to measure the temperature thanks to an optical sensor that takes measurements from -20 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Honor Play 4 included an infrared thermometer. (Photo: Sharaf)

As mentioned in a leak With Google Pixel 8 Pro as the protagonist, the cell phone of the Chinese brand uses an infrared sensor located in the rear sector.

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Another device that measures the user’s temperature is the Watch 8, Apple’s smartwatch.

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