Far from expected: How many people paid to watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather made a fortune fighting Logan Paul at the age of 44 (USA Today Sports)

This Sunday Hard Rock Stadium from Miami It was a scene on a special evening when he faced off against the former boxer in an exhibition match Floyd Mayweather Jr. and YouTube Logan Paul. The man who was crowned world champion in five different categories, predicted that his only intention was to make money, because his successful career is now a thing of the past, but it seems that the numbers did not reach the set goals.

The former North American boxer secured a bag with it 10 million US dollarsFor entering the ring, he also obtained another 30 million US dollars For the ads he wore on his pants, he also commented at a press conference. but also His contract stipulated that he would also keep 50% of what was generated by PPV (the “pay-per-view” system very popular in the US and in other countries). It was estimated that more than two million Americans would pay $49.99 to watch the event and another million would do the same in different parts of the world.

However, as USA Today reported, about 1 million paid purchases were sold, and thus revenue was $50 million. This is Mayweather earned $25 million, when it was previously calculated that she could be as high as $100 million.

With no judges or knockouts, the fight ended without a winner (Reuters)
With no judges or knockouts, the fight ended without a winner (Reuters)

The event was low in the ranking of battles with the most audience by PPV and is ranked 25. The highlight of this list is that three of the biggest matches of all time according to paid purchases featured Floyd. His match against Manny Pacquiao in 2015 set a record still standing at 4.6 million users, right before his match with Conor McGregor in 2017, which attracted the attention of 4.3 million. The platform has been closed down by Khabib vs. McGregor in the UFC that happened in 2018, with 2.4 million and fourth place again from Mayweather, this time against Canelo Álvarez in 2013, with 2.2 million.

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The former boxer, who retired undefeated with 50 victories in the same number of shows, predicted on the previous show that the goal of a show fight was to make money: “My title is Capital for some reason. You have worked hard for years and years to reach a certain level. A level where we can initiate a full event recall. I believe in working smart, not harder. Then, If it’s something as easy as this (Paul fight), a legal bank robbery, I should do it. I have to do this“.

Pay-per-view numbers also hit Logan Paul, who A $250,000 worth of bag has been secured, plus 10% of what was generated through the pay-per-view system.

Mayweather commented after the fight that he also made good money with ads stamped on his pants:“The patches of stains on my pants made me $30 million. So who’s really the smartest at boxing? When it comes to ‘legal bank robbery’ I’m the best.”This is why it can be calculated that after the eight rounds against YouTubers, he earned a figure of close to 65 million US dollars.

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