Far Cry 6 could become Ubisoft’s craziest sandbox with the most fearsome villain

No matter how many installments pass from Far Cry: Ubisoft always finds a way to engage its fans with new adventures and items that fascinate players to make a new appearance. What are the new components of the program? Yara and her new villain Anton Castillo.

Far Cry 6 It was one of the most popular games at Decaf E3 2021. The Ubisoft video game managed to be in the conference summer festival gameUbisoft’s special date to appear on Xbox One. Far from repetitive or out of place, the French publisher has managed to contribute something on each of the various dates and times, making some statements: the first is that the game piques the interest of the audience; The second is that Ubisoft is one of the few He understood the importance of E3 from this year.

Far Cry’s success in its shows during the big week of the video game has a lot to do with it Versatility and ingredients Which makes up a total product that never ceases to add exciting reasons to become one of the great titles at the end of the year. The first, of course, is the new villain: Anton Castillo. Always played by loved ones Giancarlo Esposito (An antagonist to such famous productions as Breaking Bad or The Mandalorian), he showed a new face and attitude within the series’ charismatic villains.

The other element in the new version is Yara, the new area in which Danny, or our hero, will have to recover from Nir Castillo. You can expect a tropical and diverse environment, with dense jungles, decadent cities and beautiful beaches ready to take part in the conquest of our home. The Caribbean setting suits Far Cry nicely, and takes the franchise to terrains irrevocably reminiscent of some of the world’s most beloved installments. Far Cry saga.

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But the work is the main protagonist of the sixth installment. Which looks like it’s going to be goodbye for a generation PS4 y Xbox OneFar Cry aims to offer one of the most sought-after action games, the gunpowder game that has been remembered since the brand’s birth in 2004. In terms of Weapons and Vehicles You can expect surprises of all kinds: with cars armed with wheels and new weapons devices with the goal of seizing power from Anton Castillo and his henchmen.

Far Cry 6 He has a clear goal: to become one of the best classes Veteran franchise. The title has many ingredients to make it a reality and shine in the new generation of consoles, hungry for new video games that explain the reasons why gamers have to trust new gaming hardware. Microsoft s Sony.

5 things you should know about Far Cry 6:

  • Villain Antón Castillo, who promises to live up to the last of the saga.
  • Yara, a large and diverse game map with many game possibilities.
  • Weapons and vehicles promise to give us more than surprise.
  • Powered by a game engine that shines especially in the new generation of consoles.
  • A seasonal pass that allows us to control the bad guys.

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