False heiress Anna Sorokin, whose case inspired a hit series on Netflix, will be deported to Germany

Story of the Anna DavyThe Woman Who Inspired Her Life, Netflix Anna’s creationcontinues to give something to talk about: Today it was announced The young woman will be deported to Frankfurtin Germany, having been held in a New York prison since the end of 2018. The 31-year-old rose to fame after she cheated on members of New York’s top elite realm between 2013 and 2017. Inventing a fake character And create the basis for the development of art. under name Anna SorokinAnd the The alleged heiress to the fortune of a German businessman, managed to deceive friends, banks, hotels and live as if she had already been a millionaire for at least five years.

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Anna was based on Strong Social Media Strategy To highlight a personality who influenced and families other millionaires who gradually included her in their circle of friends. At the end of 2018, the woman was arrested and appeared in a New York City court, where she pleaded not guilty. In March 2019, the month-long trial began in which Anna always wore luxury brand clothes and went on to tell the story of being an heiress to a fortune. In April of the same year, the young woman was convicted of theft for defrauding banks and hotels of more than $200,000; She was also convicted on eight of the 10 counts and sentenced to between four and twelve years in prison. After spending two years in a prison in Orange County, New York, the woman received parole in February 2021, despite being detained by US Customs control for staying in the country longer than her visa would allow. The news of his deportation opens a new chapter in his story.

Netflix and Anna’s Origins

The real Anna was born in Russia on January 23, 1991 into a working class family. For years, his father made a living as a truck driver and his mother worked in a convenience store. When he was 15 years old, his family emigrated to Germany. At the age of nineteen, the young woman decided to move to Paris to study fashion and from there moved to New York, where she revealed the story of her luxurious life.

Anna’s story caught the attention of Netflix and although the woman has been detained, there are reports that the . giant… flow He paid him more than $300,000 to be able to produce Anna’s creation; In addition, the woman is preparing a podcast and a documentary film in which she tells her version of events. His Instagram profile has more than 900 thousand followers.

This is knowing how to exploit the story.

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