Facundo Campazzo: An irresponsible captain and an unforgettable gesture

Talking about player salaries in the NBA can be the most common, because they are public. Although this does not prevent him from being unfriendly. So it is better not to specify the amount. It’s just a huge amount of money. It was too much to accuse him Facundo Campazzo The last two seasons with the Denver Nuggets and there’s definitely a lot he plans to welcome into the 2022/23 training if he does eventually land a team. But at the moment, he has no salary. He will – at some point – collect the trophies and travel expenses that go along with him from the national team, and from the financially troubled Basketball Association that everyone can imagine, and that will surely do everything in his power to pay the team he just had. dedicated Continental champion in Recife after beating Brazil in the AmeriCop final.

To be more precise, it must be said, Last month he was with the national team, Campazzo had no guarantees of achievement. Without a binding agreement with a team or franchise, there is no insurance.

The NBA has just over 500 players. All of them can be surveyed and the majority (or all) will not hesitate for a second: in no case will they risk a contract of millions of dollars to play with a chosen team. Likewise, it can be said with certainty that the Argentina captain did not hesitate for a second to play for the national team. Which makes him completely irresponsible for the “System” and from a purely professional point of view. And congrats on that. Without Campazzo, there would be no title in Brazil and against Brazil. There may not even have been a final in Americup.

Net and Medal: Facundo Campazzo, a natural captain of the national teamFIBA America

A free player, he was left at the tail of a string of contractual decisions before the start of a new season in the NBA. It was observed by several teams. However, everyone hopes to resolve the “most important” issues before offering a contract to the Argentine goalkeeper. It is part of the very complex budget issues from an organizational point of view. It’s good and decisive enough for us, but for the American look, he hasn’t tried it yet.

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Facundo Campazzo did not hesitate. He trained in Bahía Blanca and Mar del Plata. He traveled more than 30 hours to play in Canada and traveled another 30 hours to return to the country to face the Bahamas in two World Cup qualifiers.

Despite the uncomfortable and endless journeys, Facundo Campazzo has never lost his smile in the national team
Despite the uncomfortable and endless journeys, Facundo Campazzo has never lost his smile in the national teamFIBA America

With everything he had risked in those two meetings, it would have been enough for anyone. Nobody can demand anything of it. But he repacked his bags and went to Recife to play six more matches for another ten days in blue and white.

When he had to dive into the billboards to get the ball back, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He did it as always. He went to the touch, hitting real moles. Let’s not talk about a serious injury anymore. Even a minor illness that requires a few weeks of recovery, She could change the terms of her negotiations with the NBA.

This is the third title achieved by Argentina at the continental level. The first two, thanks to the golden generation, were also in the finals against the Brazilians, in Neuquén (2001) and Mar del Plata (2011). This is my first trip out of the house.

Guards from Córdoba in the service of the national team: Pablo Brigioni and Facundo Campazzo, two key pieces of the undefeated champion of AmeriCop
Guards from Córdoba in the service of the national team: Pablo Brigioni and Facundo Campazzo, two key pieces of the undefeated champion of AmeriCopFIBA America

These days, coach Nestor Garcia According to the federation, he was left in a very uncomfortable situation after his dismissal from the national team for reasons related to his “privacy”. Some things DT did wrong have been revealed. Faced with a defeated man (who will surely accept his guilt), it is worth scoring a hit on schedule: it was he who appointed Campazzo as commander. Someone might say it was a simple decision. It may be so, although he also invoked Carlos Delfino, the emblem of the golden generation. Not only did Che call him a captain. Tell him he wants him to run the team on all sides. It gave him the reins of the game and management of the group.

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Several teams, such as Canada or Venezuela, have submitted completely alternate lineups in this competition. But others managed to make good teams. Brazil was almost complete (only Bruno Capoclo was missing). The United States has called up many players with great NBA experience (Norris Cole, Jeremy Bargo, Judy Mix or Patrick McCaw, for example). Argentina beat both. Also for Puerto Rico, which used almost all of its top players.

Campazzo and his amazing performance in the semi-finals

Despite the blow that resulted in the loss of their coach two days before the tournament kicks off and the loss of one of their characters (Patricio Garino), the group recovered dramatically. Thanks Paul Prigioni who came to overturn his NBA hierarchy as a coach. Also because of the huge benefits of Nicholas LaprovitolaAnd the Gabriel’s deck (Best player of the competition) and Marcos Deliaamong other things.

But what Campazzo did marked the history of the national team. He is 31 years old. He is young, but at the same time he does not have much career waiting for him. It is not “saved” financially. We must not forget the enormous gesture of the irresponsible captain.

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