Factors with which the NBA has built an almost perfect season

This time we have almost all the numbers in the NBA playoffs. Although Giannis Antetokounmpo and BCS were eliminated in the first round, the conference semifinals are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Jason Tatum, Devin Booker, Jimmy Butler… The result is a very close-knit series that has gripped the fans who attend the arenas, as well as the fans who watch the games on TV.

Why play in an NBA success story?

The 2022-23 NBA season is a success story within the sport for various reasons, although success and trends are almost the prerogative of the NBA as a league, as we must remember that It was the NBA that brought sports around the world to a standstill due to the pandemic.

He was too Responsible for the “bubble” concept and protocols in resuming sport globallybut also found a new competition format, namely Play in, which is here to stay forever. Four years after implementing this introduction to the playoffs, we spoke with Raul Zarraga, Director of NBA Mexico, who helped us understand the success of the Play-In.

Raul Zarraga, with Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner/Courtesy

“(Playing in) encourages competition. They add value to the audience and they add value to the audience, and they are the thermometers that indicate we are doing things well. The core of our business is product on the field and this has been one of the most competitive seasons in our history. Two weeks after the end of the regular season, there were 26 mathematically alive teams.”And shared in Sopitas.com.

The manager explained that by having 26 of the 30 teams with postseason options, Not only did it trap TV viewers in the United States and Mexico, Instead, the arenas filled nearly 800 games all season, somehow eliminating those games where nothing was played.

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The NBA broke all-time attendance records 22 million people at regular season games. He was Nearly 800 dates were completely sold out to enter the arena“. Although a similar stage was implemented in Liga MX football, with the playoffs implemented, in the NBA competition it was not sacrificed during the regular season.

Nearly 800 regular season games sold / Getty Images

Near perfect playoffs in the NBA in Mexico

Unlike last season, In the 2023 playoffs if the Lakers are in, who are in the conference semifinals specifically from Play-Inwhich is expected to have a greater impact in terms of audience numbers than in 2022, bearing in mind that Los Angeles is the team that sells the most shirts in Mexico, while LeBron James is the player with the most jerseys sold individually.

The most followed team in Mexico is still the Lakersbut the Warriors, Miami, Suns are very attractive … but in terms of official merchandise, they sold more in three months at Mercado Libre than we expected,” subscriber.

Getty Images

What is missing for the 2023 Qualifiers to be perfect, at least in Mexico? The answer is found in Juan Toscanowho was a champion with the Warriors in 2022 and in the current season started with the Lakers, although the Mexican was finally sent to the Utah Jazz.

“He would definitely add value, he would be a very important item for the Lakers or the Warriors. Yes, it certainly would have made the impact that we have achieved even greater.. Joan has added a lot of value for the fans and I hope he finds his way next season,” iRaul Zarrraga noted.

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Juan Toscano played with the Lakers early in the season / Getty Images

NBA ID, the software that seeks to bring fans closer together

In Mexico, the NBA season is a success story, as Zarrraga explained to us that ESPN, the television station with broadcast rights, Increase their audience by 32%48 million interactions were generated on social networks before reaching the conference finals and Mexico was the third most consumed nation by the All-Stars for the weekend.

Faced with this situation, the NBA finds fertile ground to move to Mexico NBA ID, which was implemented in the US earlier in the season, and now The goal is for Mexican fans to start getting to know her In the first phase and to encourage its consumption, trips will be given to go to one of the final matches, as long as you participate before May 14th.

It’s a loyalty programme Originating in the United States, part of the project is to expand it to Mexico, Brazil and Latin America. We are in the first stage that We’re running tests so people can become aware of it.”And Indian.

The NBA has found fertile ground in Mexico / courtesy

Other aspects will be implemented in the next phases associating them with the Capitanes, Mexico’s G-League team, as well as programs for coaches, clinics and other promotions. “Tomorrow is adding value through variables.”

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