Facebook will remove the facial recognition system for users in photos and videos

Facebook social networking site announced that in the coming weeks it will stop using face recognitionThis will allow users to automatically identify themselves in photos and videos, and will erase the metadata of more than 1 billion people the system has worked with.

This decision is part of a “company-wide movement to limit the use of facial recognition” in its products, as stated dead, the parent company of Facebook, through a statement.

Facebook’s facial recognition system Activated by more than a third of users Active daily on the platform, which enables the function to be automatically identified in photos and videos posted by others, in which a recommendation for the label will appear.

Not only will Facebook stop this technology in the coming weeks, but it will also stop It will erase the metadata you allowed to run, linked to more than a billion users.

Meta admits there are “increasing concerns” about facial recognition that need to be taken into account.

This change will also affect automatic alt text (AAT), which provides text descriptions of people with vision problems, which will go on to detail how many people show but not their identities.

Although the feature will be removed and users will not be able to re-enable it manually, the company has announced its intention to do so. Keep working on facial recognition For various uses, such as verifying the identity of users or preventing fraud and identity theft.

However, from Facebook they recognized that “there are many concerns about the place of facial recognition technology in society”, and considered that Regulation It still has to provide a “clear set of rules governing its use”, which incentivizes a more restrictive application of the technology.

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Facebook highlighted cases where facial recognition is “valuable to people and socially acceptable,” among them “services that help people access a blocked account, verify their identity in financial products, or unblock an account on a personal device.”

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