Facebook announced new features: podcasts, live audio rooms, and more

Facebook announced a different merger Audio tools For their platform, with the understanding that they are “making recording voice messages easier and more enjoyable.” It will be for the social network An editing tool with sound effects and live Voice Chat rooms.

“ Just like we did with the photos and videos, we want everyone to have powerful enough tools for professionals, yet they are intuitive and fun, like You have an audio studio in your pocket.The two of the company said through a statement.

Facebook noted that they have made “advances in artificial intelligence” that allow them “that the sound quality is excellent” even if it is recorded, for example, on a busy street corner.

Audio clips

The editing tool will allow mixing clips, sound effects, sound effects and filters, to create clips that the platform will distribute later under the name “Soundbites”, something like A version of TikTok but only with audios.

They announced, “We will start testing Soundbites in the coming months with a small number of creators, and we will improve the product based on their feedback before making it available to everyone.”

The audio clips will allow you to create and share audio with sound effects.

Set up a podcast

They also announced that in the coming months, You can “listen to the podcast directly in the Facebook app”Whether with the app open or if it is running in the background. There are two details that should be highlighted about this novelty regarding recommendations and integration with Spotify.

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On the other hand, Facebook will start suggesting podcasts based on users’ interests, leaving their comments at a later time and recommending them their turn to their friends, which is why they highlighted that podcast creators “will be able to communicate with new people listening directly from the app”.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Spotify content can be shared and listened to on Facebook.

According to data provided by Facebook, 170 million people link to a page linked to a specific podcast, and more than 35 million people are members of fan groups about the podcast.

This is partly due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, has also announced that they are planning a Partnership with Spotify, So that the content of the broadcast platform can be included in the Facebook feed.

This will allow not only to share music or podcasts on the social network, but also to listen to them without having to leave the platform (as long as users link their profile to Spotify).

Live audio rooms

“We believe that audio is an ideal way for communities to engage on topics that matter to them,” they explained from the company when they announced that the Live Sound Rooms It will be available to all users by the middle of this year, After a test that will be conducted with 1.8 billion people who form groups within Facebook.

The Voice Rooms will arrive on Facebook to compete with the Clubhouse.

The stakes in this format, which allows engaging in conversations only by voice and in real time, have increased significantly after my success. Club House Over the past year, the social network has reached a value of more than 1 billion dollars.

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However, it is also true that this app has gained great popularity during the current restriction and strict restriction periods, so it cannot be known if it will remain one of the first entertainment options for users, who on the other hand prefer to consume audio on demand via podcast.

Facebook will run tests in the coming months and it will be those who use the social network who will give value to these new proposals, as has happened with the integration of live broadcasts or Instagram Reels.

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