Facebook and Instagram Join LGBTQ + Pride month

Marck Zuckerberg platforms: Instagram and Facebook announce their news to celebrate LGBTQ Pride+ monthشهر which takes place during the month of June. Users will be able to interact with new Instagram stickers and hashtags, as well as the new Pride logo for Facebook

Let’s remember that every year Facebook and Instagram join this celebration, as a support and respect for the community., which, among other things, is extensive and active on social platforms.

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To make context, yet there More than 25 million people on Facebook around the world, who are part of at least one of the 34,000 public groups supporting the LGTBQ+ community.

From now on, internet users who like can customize their account with flag emoji Of the rainbow in his bio, as they have done until today, more than 2.5 million users around the world, Facebook reported in a statement.

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What are the new additions?

Instagram introduced six new “stickers” drawn by three creators from around the world: yallaroza from Canada, lebassis from Brazil and madeby_ari from Germany. All with the hashtag # Share proudly (share with pride).

Like other novelties, the platform has added themes that are part of Pride: joy, nostalgia, love of self and community. As if that wasn’t enough, heThis year’s posters seek to include non-binary, heterosexual, transgender, and intersex members as well.

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The list of the most popular “hashtags” has also been updated, such as: #genderfluid, #pridefamily, #gayvisibility- used throughout the LGTBQ+ community. Once these numbers are used, they will be displayed in a rainbow gradient. If used in history, the ring will turn into a rainbow.

For its part, Facebook collaborated with the Berlin artist Yasmina Al Bomrawi (Al Owl) to create the Pride logo. This year’s for his “applied,” which features vibrant colours, collages, and different textures meant to highlight each character’s authenticity and confidence.

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Undoubtedly, a campaign of inclusion, equality and solidarity, a platform with the community that demands respect It included socially and politically. Now, with the new hashtag, it will be much easier to find Pride content.

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