F12: Hack into an airline’s website to retrieve your bag

Nandan Kumar He is the engineer of the train Find your lost luggage He did not walk with young girls: Hack an airline website.

His story became known through social networks and went viral. The action also exposed the airline’s cybersecurity weaknesses.

The event occurred on March 28th when a software engineer and Java programmer opened a thread on Twitter telling us about his experience traveling and troubleshooting with Indigo Airlines.

Hey @IndiGo6E Want to hear a story? And in the end, I will tell you that there is a gap (technical loophole) in your system,” the engineer tweeted.

reported that Travel from Patna to Bangalore, Indiaat Flight 6E-185and that the airline made a mistake when sending your bag (they mistakenly thought it was another passenger’s bag).

Although he said he could understand the error because the two pieces of luggage are identical, except for some small differences, when he got home he realized the error.

At that point, contact the airline to report the problem. However, the customer service response was not what he expected: they did not provide immediate assistance to retrieve his luggage.

“After several calls and browsing through the @IndiGo6E IVR and of course a lot of waiting. I was able to contact one of their customer service agents and they tried to get me with the accompanying passenger. But to no avail.”

Although they didn’t give him a quick fix and refused to provide him with contact details of who had taken his bag, he waited until he got tired of it, and Kumar started digging around on the IndiGo platform’s website.

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After several failed attempts, Gave it F12 and access to the log stream. Then, he took note of the contact information of the person who had his bag, called that person and eventually they changed bags.

The other passenger was about seven kilometers away, so they were able to agree on a midpoint to see each other.

For more information, the second passenger told him that he did not receive any calls from the airline and that he did not realize that the bag was not his.

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