F1 22 trailer debuts with all its features and EA Sports answers the question, What is Vida F1?

After celebrating the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s time to enjoy the splendor of the competition.

EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts s Code Masters They are still working on getting everything ready for next July’s launch F1 22the beginning of a new era in Formula 1 video games. But a month into production, the officials are unwilling to make the mistake and leave us an in-depth look at some of its characteristics, leaving us with more details about a significant novelty compared to last year, Life F1.

This add-on takes up 10% of shared video footage, and is featured in a release as a new social hub for the job title. Users are allowed Showcase your own collection of supercars, outfits, accessories and prizesTaking customization options a step further, with all kinds of items that can be unlocked through Challenges, the Podium Pass or in the Store. also, Vehicles are not just for decorationthey can be moved to the track.

It’s not the only one that was added to the comment. Those responsible for F1 22 want to provide the user with a more immersive experience, and this happens by including files New interactive stops and formation rolls, just as it appears. “these Moments of risk and reward It can be crucial to your success and a potential place on the platform,” they guarantee, although the Codemasters app can be seen better in the trailer.

Access improvements

Training programs have also been re-engineered to be able to better learn the tracks and stabilize the racing line, adaptive artificial intelligence has been worked out so that the offline gaming experience is more in line with the needs of each user, while in the accessibility scheme it is allowed to remove some of the complexities of the sport Thus allowing more players to enjoy F1 22.

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F1 Picture 22

The remaining additions relate more to the competition itself, with individual seats designed to adapt all the excitement of the World Cup to a video game, the arrival of sprint races, and Changes in various departmentsLike the Spanish Grand Prix. Remember that in your ad too F1 22 Virtual Reality Confirmed on PC. On the contrary, for this year Story mode seen in F1 2021 has been dispensed with.

F1 22 will be available for purchase on July 1 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Get a double pass only for those who buy the €90 version.

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