Ezequiel Fernandez Morris received an important medal in New York

A FIFAGate-rated miniseries produced by TV Púbica, it won a “Silver Award” at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards. columnist Nation sports, Ezequiel Fernandez Morris, He was one of the authors of the documentary that focused on the FIFA scandal. In addition, he was one of the finalists in another category.

In the six-part investigation, journalist Fernandez Morris interviews journalists, leaders and lawyers from different countries. In addition, it offers political reading On why the United States imposed its entire judiciary to bring down the old FIFA government.

Ezequiel Fernandez Morris, a columnist for LA NACION Deportes

“FIFAGate, for the good of football” is the first co-production of Argentine Radio and Television and Mexico’s 14th Channel. In the TV category, the miniseries won the Investigative Journalism Award and It was also a finalist in the Documentary category.

More than 50 countries participate in this New York festival, with productions from channels such as Qatar’s Al Jazeera, Brazil’s O Globo, and media from the US, Australia, Turkey, Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, China and Spain, among others. .

At the Radio Awards at the same festival, the documentary Game of Empires won a gold award. Malvinas 1982: A Colony by a Dictatorship, from Radio Nacional, while the documentary “2001: The End of Prediction” reached the finals.

Diego Maradona, born in Anui, also won a silver medal in the Special Interview Program category. These are conversations between Miguel Reap and well-known personalities that mirror the former star.

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