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The social networking site Facebook It developed a system for its mechanisms Artificial intelligence (IA) to know To forget Some information when it is not important when performing its functions, which saves on memory and processing costs.

New technology, called Expiration (“The expiration period”, in English), is the “first of its kind” according to the company, and It seeks to make the neural networks of artificial intelligence look like the work of the human brainWho constantly forgets data. This was reported by Facebook in a statement.

Artificial intelligence mechanisms tend to process information randomly, but when this amount of data is very high, as in the case of long texts or videos, computing costs can become unsustainable.

The technology created by Facebook works first by predicting the information most relevant to the functioning of the neural network, and based on this information, it links the data to the expiration date and after that it is erased. In this way, the essential information is kept for its operation longer, while the irrelevant information is removed quickly, resulting in space saving. From system memory to focus on basic tasks.

Distinguishing between important and non-stipulated information by analyzing past content in context, and using it continuously, allows the system to learn from its mistakes and retain more and more important data.

The use of Expire-Span provides benefits for some common tasks of AI mechanisms such as modeling language at the character level, and improves proficiency in long-term context tasks in language, reinforcement learning, object collision and algorithm tasks.

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Facebook explained that its technology provides advantages compared to other memory-saving systems in the operation of artificial intelligence, such as data compression, as it does not require “blanking” the important information to operate and thus does not degrade the results.

In the case of long texts, the system works by memorizing only the most important terms, such as names of people and places, and ignoring other secondary words such as prepositions, which in fact allows for improved AI outcomes.

Facebook has confirmed that it will continue to work so that Expire-Span continues to resemble more and more human memory performance, and will study how different types of memory, such as long-term semantics, are incorporated into neural networks.

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