Experts say manufacturers stand a great chance with ‘close delay’

Mexican companies that manufacture auto parts, technology, textiles, and especially manufacturing, have a great opportunity now with Roundingsays Paulina Aguilar, co-founder and director of financial services platform Mundi.

“The manufacturing sector, above all, has many opportunities, as only European countries, as well as the United States and Canada, stop supplying their chains in China to come and import them to Mexico,” he said in an interview.

He stressed that oil is no longer the predominant product in the country’s exports, because there is now more diversity.

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He explained that among the prevalent products now are touring cars, freight, computers and auto parts.

He insisted that “(exports) are more diversified in manufacturing products than in other types, which is very positive for the country.”

According to Mundi leader, companies in Mexico should take advantage of RoundingThe strategy by which the company transfers part of its production to geographically closer third parties is called.

direction Rounding Aguilar explained that growth is expected to continue in the second half of the year, an opportunity that presents itself thanks to the advantages that Mexico has such as its geography.

Thus, companies must take advantage and look for financial, logistical and informational allies that help them take advantage of the moment.

He added that outstanding allies can ultimately be a catalyst that helps them further their business.

The day before, during the Forbes 2022 forum, professionals highlighted it with Rounding An opportunity not seen in 40 years in Mexico presents itself.

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