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The Municipal Library Exhibition Hall “Divine Science” opened: an exhibition on myths, superheroes and science.

The culture advisor, Raul Ledo, accompanied by an artist, Juan Castaño and a librarian, Juani Sánchez, toured the room where artists such as Daniel Acuña, Juan Alvarez and Jorge G, David Cantro, Juan Castaño, Fernando Dagnino, Diana Escribano, Salva Espín, Ana Galvan, Virginia García, Miguel Heraiz, Maggios, Sonia Matas, Jose David Morales, Carlos Morotti, David Navarro and Ello Ross: they draw a classic god and his equivalent in the world of superheroes; So are the elements of science that are baptized in connection with that deity. Each plate is accompanied by explanatory labels: with the origins of the mythology, an explanation about the superhero, and the thing related to science.

The exhibition was born inspired by a successful article by chemist and science publisher Daniel Torregrosa: “From Myth to Laboratory: Inspiring Myths in Science”. Article by Torregrosa, the library’s CIeNZA course coordinator, is in its fifth edition and reviews the influence of classical myths on scholarly nomenclature. It is from this idea that the Comicteca of the Regional Library of Murcia designed this exhibition adding to the duality of mythology and science the superhero genre. Taking advantage of the fact that the characters of superhero comics have clear correspondences with the gods of antiquity: the show’s three thematic lines were established.

The Comicteca proposed 16 of the region’s top illustration and comics artists to draw compositions in which deities, characters from superhero comics, and science elements made their relationships explicit through art.

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This exhibition, which can be visited until November 30, awaits a visit to the educational centers of the municipality, as reported by the cultural advisor, to highlight its great educational and artistic value, as well as being a request for young people, a way to bring them closer to the world of myths and sciences through superheroes.

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