Exercise, Meditation and 7 Other Tips for Starting a New Lifestyle

5 tips for starting a new lifestyle

For some time now, more and more people have become aware of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle for a better state of health. In this sense, it also gained strength The idea that body, mind, and spirit are inseparable in human beings, and that general well-being will depend upon the balance between these together.

Thus, a good diet, and a good state of health, should go hand in hand with a routine of physical activity according to the needs of each person, a positive outlook on life, a work that meets expectations, and a circle of healthy relationships. , among other factors.

Sometimes the eyes of others weigh heavily when making important decisions in people’s lives, such as changing jobs, giving up a career, or ending a relationship that puts more than it adds to daily happiness.

Here are some tips that professionals often recommend to increase happiness and general well-being.

The benefits of physical activity go beyond the aesthetic result (Getty Images)

1- Do physical activity

When you think about playing or exercising, it is generally in pursuit of a physical result. but in fact The benefits go far beyond, from mood to cardiovascular and brain health.

According to a report from Mayo ClinicEveryone benefits from exercise, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. They included the benefits: It controls weight, fights health conditions and diseases, improves mood, increases energy, promotes better rest, improves social life and enhances socialization, among other benefits.

2- Do more of what you love and do it well. looking for hobbies

Hobbies say a lot about a person. Going to the movies, spending time with friends, playing sports or playing games online, they all reveal the personality of each individual.

As a person grows, dreaming of being able to dedicate themselves professionally to activities they enjoy is something that often happens and few believe it is possible.

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3- Determine the purpose and work on what each one loves

Doing what everyone loves is not the same as doing what works best for us, although they can go hand in hand. There are often cases of people who yearn for a deep and overcoming change, and yet, paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, choose to remain wedded to what is known—and even comfortable, the famous comfort zone—and they go on until they are exhausted.

Executing the gifts that have been given to us is an essential part of the mission, because it is dynamic, energetic, adventurous and entertaining.

In order not to be rejected, many people impose a subjective requirement that does not allow them to be happy (Getty Images)
In order not to be rejected, many people impose a subjective requirement that does not allow them to be happy (Getty Images)

4- Be patient and work to reduce the demands on yourself

In Austria, researchers from the University of Salzburg have discovered what they call “imposter syndrome,” and determined it’s more common than they thought.

After conducting an anonymous survey of 238 college-educated professionals, they found that 70% considered themselves fraudsters at some point in their careers.

The study – published in the journal frontiers in psychologyThe intent of the evaluation was The adverse effects that increased self-demand in the workplace can have. The results showed that the difficulty of recognizing personal achievements is a widespread evil that severely harms the worker’s self-esteem.

5- Do not strive for perfection in everything that is done, and learn from mistakes

Fear is one of the strongest human feelings. In the end, it’s all about survival. In modern societies, there are no threats that neanderthals had, however, the mechanism is very sensitive and in many cases live activated, making one live in a state of constant alert. This is what is known as stress.

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In any case, There is an even more paradoxical situation: the dread of being misled by the idea that delegation must be perfect in order not to be rejected. Therefore, in order not to be rejected, many people impose subjective demands that do not allow them to be happy.

“The quality of our life depends on the quality of our minds, and meditation is an essential tool to ‘cleanse our minds’ (Getty Images)

6- Reflect, visualize and mentally present what you want to achieve

“The quality of our life depends on the quality of our mind, and meditation is an essential tool to ‘cleanse our mind’. explain to Infobae Ontology instructor and yoga and meditation instructor Lucia Jarrow.

“Just as we shower or brush our teeth every day, we should meditate every day in order to maintain a stress-free mind,” he added.

7- Ask for help from those who have achieved what you want in life

many times, Precisely on the path of reducing demands on oneself and allowing oneself to make mistakes, turning to those who have achieved what one yearns so much in life can be very beneficial.

It is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary. For Psychology graduate Celia Antonini, “Avoiding asking for help is a mistake that is often made.” “We don’t want to show ourselves weak, insecure, afraid, confused and looking for a way to appear safe we ​​don’t have for many things,” he said. We tend to think that by avoiding showing our weaknesses we see ourselves as stronger and this is not the case, although it may seem like a paradox, that showing ourselves in need strengthens us.”

Through these principles, those who know say that everyone can achieve whatever they plan to do in life (Getty Images)
Through these principles, those who know say that everyone can achieve whatever they plan to do in life (Getty Images)

8- Fluctuation in love, abundance and positivity

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Somewhat related to the above, for Reiki teacher, meditation teacher, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, and mindfulness coach Mario Lombardi,”Meditation is the all-encompassing tool that allows us to connect more deeply with our subconscious mind, in which our unresolved emotions are presented or which we try to hide or reject, with those emotions that have a negative impact on our present and which may have arisen from the moment of management and with the collective unconscious of humanity. We can say that there is no other technique that works more deeply in our unconscious mind than meditation.”

9- Be firm and ask forgiveness

Because of pride, many people live with accumulated grudges that do not allow them to confront an apology in a direct and healthy way to reconcile distant situations and resolve unpleasant ones.

Researchers from Stanford University’s social fields, in their opinion, have compiled an ideal formula for an apology, which covers four points:

The first is that you understand and realize that you made a mistake.

The second: to take responsibility without passing it on to others. You take charge.

Third: It is important to propose a plan to resolve matters.

The fourth is to commit to action without overreacting and to take precautions in situations similar to the future

With these commandments, those who know say that each person can achieve whatever he plans to do in life. It’s not always “what costs, it’s worth” as grandparents were often taught: sometimes it’s about letting the flow flow, and having the emotional tools to make things happen.

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