Excitement in the scientific community: they discover a habitable super-Earth

Scientists have made a discovery that could change the future of humanity: two rocky super-Earths, one of which could be a habitable place like planet Earth.. Discovery keys that interest the community of professionals.

The exoplanets – which can be classified as super-Earths – were discovered thanks to observations made by NASA’s TESS telescope in search of exoplanets. The first exoplanet, LP 890-9b, is about 1.32 times the diameter of Earth and has a mass of 13 times. Furthermore, it orbits its star in 2.7 days.

secondly, The other exoplanet in this system, LP 890-9c, is slightly further from the star and is about 1.37 times the diameter of Earth and has a mass up to 25 times. It’s a region not too close and not too far in the orbital neighborhood of every star where liquid water can exist on a planet, and so it’s a place with potential life as we know it. Although the researchers cautioned that the second world is more likely to be habitable than the first, they also note that the favorable location of an exoplanet does not imply a habitable world.

NASA has warned that a hypersonic asteroid will pass near Earth

An asteroid similar in size to a passenger plane this Tuesday 6 will pass at supersonic speeds near Earthreported by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of Container. According to the US agency, the asteroid 2022 QC7, whose width is between 16 and 36 meters, is approaching our planet at a speed of approximately 9.1 kilometers per second, or 32,760 kilometers per hour, which is approximately 27 times the speed of sound. RT says.

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Similarly, NASA has confirmed that the celestial body will pass at a distance of more than 4.6 million km from Earth, which is more than 12 times the distance between our planet and the Moon, so In practice, the chances of it crashing to the surface of the Earth are nil. Despite the great speed with which it crosses space, heading toward Earth, experts estimate that due to its small size, 2022 QC7 could cause an explosion when it enters the atmosphere; However, it will not result in any kind of damage to the surface.

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